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Jan 06, 2013

Show Standing on the threshold of a new year I find myself reflecting on what we have achieved, what we have learned and what we have shared with you in previous years. During my c ...


12 minutes past 12:00 on 12.12.2012

Dec 13, 2012

12 minutes past 12:00 on 12.12.2012 will never happen again in our lifetime…but this was not the only special occurrence that came about yesterday. We had almost all of our suppliers and support tea ...


Pineau de la Loire…..

Dec 10, 2012

Chenin Blanc originates from the Loire Valley in France and is also known as Pineau de la Loire - unlike any other grape, Chenin Blanc can be vinified in a range of styles from austere, mineral, a ...



Nov 30, 2012

We are proud to announce that Restaurant Mosaic attended the South African 100 Best Wine List awards in Cape Town and received 3 of Top honours of the day: Unique Awards Category – Best South Afr ...


RASA Rosetta Awards

BEST RESTAURANT 2012 The sixth annual Rasa Rosetta Awards gala dinner hosted by The Restaurant Association of South Africa took place at Montecasino last night. We are proud to announce that Restaura ...


Sparkling Icewine

Nov 16, 2012

I had the great pleasure of sampling a rare Inniskillin  Canadian Sparkling Icewine during a recent visit to Junel – our sommelier. Though Icewine's roots can be traced to centuries old German win ...


Experimental Cooking

Nov 01, 2012

Our weekly experimental cooking sessions at Mosaic are always very exciting and we have discovered some great gems. This week was no different and while I was preparing Confit of succulent Pork Belly ...


FATAL FOODS….. A pinch of Spice

Oct 27, 2012

…. Well, there are a variety of spices which can be toxic in extremely high doses.  Nutmeg contains a chemical – myristicin, also present in parsley and dill, causing an excited and confused stat ...


Perfect Pairings…..

Oct 13, 2012

To find the perfect food and wine pairing isn't always as easy as it sounds. With each menu that is created a lot of time is spent to find the perfect wine, and to ensure that there is a harmony betwe ...