The Food

Chantel’s seasonal menus – which change quarterly - are inspired by nature. She has travelled the world in search of inspiration and travels internationally at least twice a year to keep abreast of current trends. However, she is not a follower of ever changing food fancies and prefers to stay true to her vision of contemporary-classical cuisine and finds most of her inspiration from the great masters of Europe. The food is based around Dégustation tasting menus, although it also offers a la carte. Some of the old favourites from previous menus that guests keep coming back for:
  • Earth and Clouds (sautéed mushrooms with creamy potato purée with black truffle foam - autumn 2010)
  • Quail Tempura drizzled with Tamarind Syrup (autumn 2011)
  • Norwegian Salmon Gravlax with Champagne Oysters and Fennel Salad and Wholegrain Mustard Vinaigrette (summer 2012)
  • French “hamburger” Steak Tartare (spring 2009)
  • Colours of Caviar (autumn 2012)
  • Fantasy Forest (summer 2011)
  • Composition of Tomato (summer 2008)
  • Medley of the Sea (star-anise scented lobster bisque with dancing veils - winter 2008)