My recent visit to Spain was my first introduction to Spanish food and wine and was an unbelievable experience. If I had to pick two restaurants from all the wonderful establishments we visited they would be Martin Berasategui and Restaurante Sant Pau. In both of these restaurants, the chefs’ passion was visible from the moment you walked through the door. Both of these restaurants could be described as “destination restaurants” and took a bit of effort to get to but were well worth the journey. Their food was imaginative and beautifully presented and sometimes the most humble of ingredients (a simple green pea) was so well prepared that it was elevated to truffle status! Both chefs managed to implement an element of visual art in their menus ensuring the “wow” factor.

It was interesting to experience what a huge role Ferran Adria (el Bulli) has played in influencing so many of the great chefs of Spain. Even in some of the restaurants which focus more on classical cuisine, molecular elements were to be seen in quite a few of the dishes on the menu.

There is also an element of playfulness on the menus that runs right through the whole spectrum of Michelin starred restaurants I visited, which gave a lighter element to fine dining.

I am so excited to share my recent experiences with diners at Mosaic. I have been experimenting with a few new concepts and elements which diners will start noticing as from my new Winter Menu.