The Cellar Master

Businessperson, wine enthusiast, art collector, epicurean, travel maven. This is Cobus du Plessis, Restaurant Mosaic’s cellar master, who is not only a wine aficionado of note, but also a creative soul with a huge appreciation for la dolce vita. His passion for all things wine, started at a young age and he has been collecting wines from the early 1970’s. The wine collection has been carefully stored for all these years, undisturbed, maturing into gentle giants, waiting to be re-discovered one day and to be enjoyed at their best.

In February of 2013, Cobus was inducted as Chevalier into the L’Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne, as one of the first members in South African to receive this honour in this elite Champagne ordinance that was created in the Middle Ages, a very prestigious award.

During his extensive travels, Cobus is always scouting for the most exquisite and rare wines to offer the valued guests at Restaurant Mosaic. His finesse with people has allowed him to form life-long friendships with winemakers and cellar masters alike. In his own words: “I prefer to discover small, independent, innovative winemakers that really push the boundaries of terroir-driven (French for “sense-of-place”) winemaking in the world.”

Being of a shy disposition, one will not often see Mosaic’s cellar master, but be assured that, as a passionate collector, you are guaranteed only the best wines and he will more than likely surprise you with a rare find!