The Cellar

Restaurant Mosaic has one of the most comprehensive wine cellars in South Africa, comprising of more than 75 000 bottles of wine under 5 500 different local, as well as international labels. The selection of brandies, including an extensive range of Armagnac and Calvados, are unmatched anywhere else in South Africa. Not surprisingly, it has been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades.

Our Cellar Master journeys across the globe to bring some of the finest wines, champagnes and nightcaps to the cellar for guests to sample. An exciting element that has been brought to The Orient is our new Champagne Bar, where guests can treat themselves to a flute of champagne whilst enjoying the wide variety of art adorning the walls.

Internationally acclaimed sommelier, Germain Lehodey, comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the food and beverage industry, having started his career as sommelier at the world renowned Tour d’Argent restaurant in Paris. Commis sommelier, Moses Magwaza is at Germain’s side during every service assisting diners with their wine selections.

Wines are stored in several on-site temperature controlled wine cellars with a constant humidity of 70% and temperature of 14 degrees Celsius. Our inventory of wines on offer is available to all our staff via a specially designed wine program, providing comprehensive information, tasting notes, accolades, photos, articles, etc.