Our Cellar Team

Very few restaurants are blessed with the talents of an exceptional cellar team. At the forefront of the Mosaic Cellar Team, acting as Cellar Master, is Moses Magwaza. Being a true Sommelier requires intensive training in food pairing, wine tasting skills and theoretical knowledge of wines all around the world.

Moses was born in Kwa-Zulu Natal, and is now one of the South African sommeliers with the widest knowledge of international wines, having travelled to France and explored the South African Wine-lands. He has completed his Certificate Course at the Cape Wine Academy, as well as his South African Brandy Course. He is the proud winner of the 2017 Eat Out Wine Service Award, and was mentored by Germain Lehodey himself.

Moses explains his role at the restaurant: “It is imperative at Mosaic that the wine enhances the food, and I am happy to be part of something so special. Every scent and taste at Restaurant Mosaic is perfectly crafted to ensure a full and enriching experience, including the pairing of the wine with Chantel’s food. What we do here at Restaurant Mosaic is so incredible, and everything is done with such passion – I want to be part of that for many more years to come.”