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  • Lani Troskie

    From the moment I got confirmation that we be going to Mosaic for lunch the excitement started! The spare no detail in making you feel like you are a special guest coming to visit. I would have thought that being restaurant week guests we would not have got the whole "mosaic" wrong I was! Chantel Dartnall herself came to tantilize our taste buds explaining the details of her menu. We were expecting a four course meal.....well the surprise course just kept coming... blowing our minds with flavors (rocket lemonade pallet cleanser) and stretching our adventurous sides. Melt in your mouth food with very generous portions! Not to mention the incredible artwork on the plate. Mosaic is not a place you go to have a fancy meal...... its a place you go to let your imagination mingle with your taste buds and explore places they have never been. I cant wait to go back to Mosaic to experience more of its magic! Wow!!! Just wow
  • Sandy Bisschoff

    I have been wanting to visit restaurant Mosaic for literally years and I finally got my chance during restaurant week! The food was spectacular - tasty, filling and beautifully presented. The bread cart was a special surprise - over 9 different types of bread to choose from with 5 different butters. Each course was a delight and I will definitely be back.
  • Gwenola

    As always, outstanding cuisine with a poetic dimension. Sublime dishes, which vie in intensity and creativity, and exquisitely knowledgeable wine pairing by the sommelier. (Minor flaw: the robotic, dry presentation of each dishes by the waitresses.)
  • Pieter Barnard

    This restaurant is truly one of a kind. All the dishes always have a story behind it; and the taste experience is something that can't be described. There is a reason they are consistently rated as one of the best restaurants in the country.
  • Dandelion

    Where each individual piece on the plate come together in a symphony of flavors...amazing
  • Brand and Cobi Wolmarans

    the attention to detail were incredible, especially in the little treasures served before , in between and after the meal
  • Leigh-Anne Timp

    Our experience at Restaurant Mosaic was like seeing a Symphony Orchestra for the first time. . .overwhelming in a magnificent kind of way! The service, passion and the boundless imagination & creativity is truly inspiring. Absolutely anyone and everyone would take away something truly special from this experience. We will be talking about our experience for quite some time to come :-)
  • Lloyd Loots

    Tabula Rasa, or otherwise for those who don't speak Latin; a clean state, or existing in the purest original state. That's what Chef Chantel Dartnall has entitled the new Autumn/Winter menu at Restaurant Mosaic at The Orient. I have always, only heard amazing things from every person that has gone to The Orient Boutique Hotel to experience Restaurant Mosaic. So, it has been on my bucket list for a while. So when I got the chance, I literally jumped at the opportunity with both hands & this one I was not declining. So there I go on the drive to lunch & on arrival, it is a beautiful setting of this beautiful hotel surrounded by nothing but nature. Greeted by friendly staff at the gate & then ushered into the reception area where Germain Lehodey, house sommelier, awaits with the welcome drink list. I opted for the bubbly on arrival. (As I always do.) This time, something that I have not had before. The Champagne Franck Bonville 2009 Brut Reserve. The next moment, some snacks are presented & here I find myself indulging in the 1st bit of food from Restaurant Mosaic. A Mushroom Mousse enfolded in Mushroom & a vegetable spring roll with rice paper & Asian styled dipping sauce. And up we go to the actual restaurant & I take my seat at a simple & elegantly set table. A few moments later, Chef Chantel Dartnall makes her appearance & is revolving in the room table to table giving each person some individual attention & extra information regarding the culinary experience that we would be taking today. And to end that off, we cheers with a glass of Jacques Bruere Bon Courage 2002 Brut Reserve. Bread. Bread and more Bread. And Gourmet Bread. With Gourmet Butter. An array of bread is brought round to each table & you have your choice of any bread that they have. I opted for the Mushroom & Caramelised Onion and the Basil Pesto options. Knowing me, I tried every butter that they had on the table just to see what was my favourite. The Unsalted Vanilla Seaweed was definitely the winner. A quick little palate cleanser shot from the kitchen - Lemonade & Rocket. Fresh & Crisp. Something to just awaken the palate, as Chef Chantel said, an Asparagus Mousse with Mushrooms & a Snail. Then this plate is put in front of you that looks like there is a snail escaping from the little garden on your plate. The Amuse Bouche is something that I wish I could have had a double serving of. This cauliflower soup du jour with goose liver mousse filled brussel sprouts was something that really played with your senses. Beautifully presented with contrasting colours. The texture of the fine soup & with the crunchy brussel sprout leaves & finished off with the smooth goose liver mousse. I opted for the fish. Apparently, Mosaic is the place "Where the River meets the Sea." A combination of fresh water fish & sea water fish on 1 plate. The sweet Tilapia & the salty Halibut accompanied by Oyster Leaves & Watercress. Dessert is going to blow your mind. The First Frost. A poached Forelle Pear filled with white chocolate & served with homemade mushrooms & tonka. Every bite is full of flavour & texture that will definitely be leaving you very satisfied. And just before you think it's all done. Well, think again. Post dessert treats with coffee. Petit Fours & Turkish Delight & Fudge. It will definitely be on the sweeter side of things. But oh so good. Right. So, who is not keen to try out the new menu at Restaurant Mosaic? Check out their website:
  • Theresa van den Berg

    My husband surprised us with a booking at Mosaic. We were so excited and my daughter couldn’t stop smiling all the way. What an absolute wonderful experience. This is truly the most amazing and exciting restaurant in Gauteng, We will always go back .
  • Yolande du Preez

    Step into a world of flavours and wonder when you dine at Restuarant Mosaic. No ordinary lunch, but a wonderland on every plate. Beautifully prepared and served. The last little detail on every course made this an experience I will cherish for life. Thank you Chantelle for your personal toutch on every element in your restuarant.
  • Jennifer Dempster

    I have been to many fine dining restaurants in the past few years, but nothing has ever compared to Restaurant Mosaic. When we arrived, I felt like I'd been transported to another country. We were greeted with a welcome drink and got to sit and relax before heading up to our table. We felt so incredibly special to have been spoiled on our anniversary (complimentary champagne and a lovely poem on the table). The food that came was absolutely delicious and one could see that an incredible amount of effort was put into making it look extremely beautiful on the plate as well. My favourite part was definitely the bread service (with 5 different butters) and actually getting to hear from the Chef about what was to come. I will go back in a heartbeat and recommend it to anyone looking for something completely different and worthwhile.
  • Olivereen

    What a wonderful experience! The staff from the gate to the restuarant were incredible and so friendly and accomodating. The food was devine and new tastes and textures guided us through a beautiful experience. Thank you so much!!
  • Derek

    Wonderful ambience. Made you feel like you were dining in a castle Food was absolutely delicious. Ever course left a flavour sensation of pure decadence. Staff were friendly and always smiling. Explanation of dishes were on point and concise.
  • Liandri Kruger

    Everything was superb! Chef Chantel's food is truly beautiful and beyond delicious. Staff excellent, sommeliers phenomenal and ambience world class. A must.
  • Thabo Molemohi

    On the evening of the 22nd October 2016, my wife and I had dinner here. From the minute we arrived at the gave to the minute we left is a heavy downpour, we we treated as regal! The food was great, the service top notch. We really enjoyed the courtesy we were afforded and look forward to visiting once again! You people - just about everybody we interacted with - were so professional and left a lasting impression on the two of us, you can just keep up the good work. We also enjoyed the meal and the atmosphere, wow!!

    Dear Mari & Chantel The tardiness of this message of thanks is not in any way a reflection of our gratitude for the superlative meal we were privileged to indulge in, with great relish, on the day you launched your impressive Spring 10 year Celebratory menu. In keeping with the World renowned standards of Mosaic at The Orient our overall experience reached far beyond our expectations. The food was deceptively engaging on the plate, in certain instances with such aesthetic grandeur one feared breaking up the compositions. However, when the eye was satisfied and the palate beckoned then the myriad well executed taste sensations were outstanding in every respect. The portions were balanced and the sequence appropriate. We are pleased to have also selected the recommended well-judged wine pairing. Germain , who I was delighted to touch base with again after a long interval, has a veritable ‘ playground ’ and his suggested matches – some rather unusual – were spot on. I think the collaboration between the Chef and the Sommelier is to be highly applauded. I can only say that every accolade Mosaic receives , starting from the beautiful décor, immaculate well timed service, the quiet sensitivity to any allergies and food intolerances and of course the plated gifts on our table plus liquid libation all add up to podium service worthy of medals across the board. Well done Chantel and team. I simply cannot wait to be back in the very near future. Thanking you and kind regards.
  • Emile and Kerith Botha

    Dear Chantal and the Mosaic restaurant team, Trust you are well. We thoroughly enjoyed my birthday lunch at Mosaic last Sunday and were blown away by the gastronomic feast we experienced. It would seem our appreciation lies in the small details… The booking process was seamless and efficient. The exciting journey (no pun intended - hehe) started with the meeting of a professional and enthusiastic Jabulani at the gate entrance. Being able to park under cover at the hotel was also much appreciated on the sunny day. The friendly welcome by Moses with the complimentary drinks at the entrance was a special treat. To put things in perspective – we love good food. My wife and I regularly visit the South African top 20 restaurants and it would seem that we visited the best one, last. Our food experience was spectacular – the attention to detail, the stories describing the dishes and the hero – the delicious and tasty food was an amazing gastronomic experience. Having Chantal describe the food is a wonderful take and you can see the passion, expertise and dedication to perfection in the dishes created. It was truly one of the best meals that I have ever experienced. The service team was also fantastic in their duties – everyone was professional, friendly and efficient. Thank you again for a wonderful lunch. Keep up the great work being done. We will be back! Kind regards Emile and Kerith Botha
  • Kingsley & Lynda

    Thank you Chantel for the best ever dining experience - if ever a local Michelin star was deserved, you surely should be the recipient ! Thanks also to MA, with whom we shared some fun banter...!! I'll treasure my foodie Father's Day book, which you were so kind to sign. Trust you'll all have a great & well deserved break ! Kind regards, The Dean family
  • Nick Reed

    Mosaic is a beautiful place and the owners have kindly shared their art, collection of furniture and architectural pieces. The place has a lovely feel, the art nouveau dining area is special and I can't think of a better place to eat food. The food, wine pairing and service is outstanding - there is an utter commitment to quality to put the very best before you. The sommelier and chef are passionate experts and it is a privilege to be served by them. The wine list and cellar - is there any other in the country that could come close to this ? Simply put this is proper, if you love art, food, wine and want to feel like a movie star for a day then go to Mosaic Thank you for creating it, to putting quality first and sharing your beautiful art - much appreciated !
  • Carlos

    Dear All at The Orient, I would just like to thank you for the gastronomic experience we had the privilege of having on Saturday night, my husband, my two daughters and myself waited in anticipation for the night to arrive and it was beyond all expectations. I felt as if I had stepped into an enchanted garden filled with mystery and magic, what an unbelievable experience! The colours, the textures, the flavours, were out of this world! Course after course was one surprise after the next, breathtakingly beautiful and our taste buds were taken to a whole new level of perfection. The warmth, love and hospitality was so evident and welcoming in your restaurant, from the minute we stepped in the door until the time our journey sadly came to an end. Have a wonderful day and may you all be blessed abundantly in all that you do. Kind Regards, Carlos, Tina, Toni & Gorgi Nobre PS: The cookie bags and treat boxes never made it to the next day ;-) Delicious!!
  • Tony Swash

    Hi Mari, My wife Tes and I stayed with you last weekend and we had a fabulous time. We married recently and toured the South of France. We ate at 4 Michelin star restaurants including Raymond Blancs 3 star Belmond Manoire. In my view the Mosaic is up there with the best. Our meal was superb and everyone who works at the Orient should be proud that they are working in a world class establishment. We will return and are sending lots of our friends to you. You may print this email should you wish. Regards,
  • Marizanne V

    Just absolutely exquisite. The food is out of this world. Perfection. Had the fish risotto and it was a dish I will never forget. Staff are very helpful and friendly too.
  • KerryHaggard

    Dinner at Mosaic is a completely remarkable experience, I'm sure right up there with the best fine dining restaurants globally - multiple courses of culinary adventure, paired with wines from all over the world. There's so much thought in every dish, with much of the crockery being handmade once Chantel has conceptualised it. One or two dishes tried too hard, but Chantel and her team (including the wonderful French sommelier) could not be faulted on going all-out to create an amazing night out. Stay over if you can - it's a long way out to go for dinner - and be wary of what your GPS tells you when you click on the map on their website - ours took us via Pretoria! Visited September 2015
  • Catherine C

    We visited Restaurant Mosaic for my friend's birthday, and started our journey in the Pritchard museum with a glass of champagne. The birdsong made us aware that all you experience around you, is nature and tranquility. We continued to the restaurant were we were warmly welcomed by Surprise and showed to our table. Our journey of art continued with Chantel reciting her menu and one after the other dishes reflecting the art of nature. Beautiful plates and dishes like Millionaires Nest Egg and Mousse de Mer will forever be remembered by us. The flavours were well balanced and tasted like more! The winepairing was another wonderful journey were we had the opportunity to taste and learn about wines not easily obtainable anywhere else. Thank you to the whole team for making our day a truly memorable day. Visited September 2015
    • ChefCMosaic

      Dear Catherine C, We greatly apreciate that you took the time to write such a wonderful and extensive review about your visit to Restaurant Mosaic at The Orient. We look forward to welcome you back again soon. Warmest Mosaic Regards Chef Chantel
  • tripaPretoria

    Despite the long drive out to the Western side of Pretoria, (in fact halfway to Hartbeespoort) but well worth the visit! The setting is within a slightly oddly "Arabian nights" feeling weekend and weddings hotel located in a game Park but the views and to the beautiful Magaliesberg, backdrop is stunning! The whole entrance via the the highly decorated foyer continues the hotel's a bit over the top decor but the dining area is a much more restrained and was packed on their popular Sunday afternoon sitting! The degustation menu paired with perfect wines and non alcoholic drinks was AMAZING by far the best meal I have ever had anywhere! As the chef Chantal explained the menu we we salivating but what was really surprised by the uniquely visual talent combined with perfectly matched flavours! By far the best meal I have ever had, I will forever remember the little forest of micro greens and fresh mushrooms, amazingly beautiful and tasty! We will have find an excuse to go back Visited October 2014
  • charmainefreyer

    Food just the best and an unbelievable wine list! Ask to visit the cellar. If you can, arrange for a sleepover.
  • gregmQ2039WG

    Chef Chantel Dartnall and her staff offer probably the best all round dining experience. Beautiful dishes both visually,and tasting. The wine pairings are to be recommended and the restaurant has an amazing cellar. Fabulous!
  • homenistantasi

    Probably the best restaurant in South Africa, definitely one of the best we have been around the world. True fine dining. Enjoyed every single course, fab wine list, beautiful setting, excellent service.
  • Badokun

    TripAdvisor is saying I should add more words but I'm totally speechless. This has by far been my best experience with food. From beginning to end everything was to perfection. Visited August 2015
  • pshah99

    Probably one of THE best restaurants I have been to. From the service, the ambiance, and especially the food, and the way it is served and presented, everything was perfect. An absolute must visit, we also had a few vegetarians with us and they were well accomodated with food. The wine pairing was amazing, as was the non alcoholic pairing too. Cannot wait to go back again!!!
  • Christelle W

    The food is unbelievably delicious and the presentation is art! Every detail is perfect. It is a very special experience. Visited December 2014
  • KM162014

    Delicious food and wine, beautiful presentation from a decadent light lunch, to an awe-inspiring five course dinner and ending with a superb breakfast. Dining at the Restaurant Mosaic is a culinary experience of high note nothing like I have ever experienced. Excellent, knowledgeable, friendly service. If you are into fine dining visiting Restaurant Mosaic is a must-do. Visited August 2015
  • sueleroo

    This is a true, and extraordinary, fine dining experience. The experience begins when you enter the Orient Hotel on your way to the restaurant. The gardens, building, decor and atmosphere is Eastern - Indian, Turkish and/or Middle Eastern. The dining experience starts with the bread trolley - we were offered a number of different choices (about 10 I think) of flavoured bread and we had 4 different flavoured butters on the table. The menu was presented by the chef, Chantel Dartnall. We had the choice of 3 degustation menus (all members of the party have to choose the same one) and as a table, we selected the Discovery, a good compromise between the smaller and larger menus. Each menu has a wine pairing, which one of our party ordered and really enjoyed. The rest of us enjoyed a bottle of fine Portuguese Alantejo red that we have not seen outside Portugal. There is a non alcoholic pairing as well which is a very nice touch. Then the real adventure began. The meal was extraordinary in so many ways. Our menu consisted of 5 starters and then a choice of 3 mains and lastly a choice of 3 desserts. The presentation made each dish a work of art, so our enjoyment started before they were even tasted. Each dish combined visual appeal, subtlety, imagination and unusual flavours. It was truly fabulous. The service was impeccable, the surroundings sumptuous, the food spectacular. It is very pricey but if you have a really special occasion you will never forget the experience created for you at this truly world class restaurant.
  • Penny F

    This was one of the most exciting and mouth teasing meals I have ever had. We were fortunate to be able to take a long time and savour all the elements of the dishes as they were presented. A memorable meal indeed
  • Dave S

    Exquisite food, lovely surroundings and great staff. Ask management for a visit to the wine cellar. It is unbelievable.
  • Kerstin Z

    We spent an extraordinary Sunday lunch at Mosaic restaurant. Rated as the number 1 restaurant in the Greater Pretoria area on Tripadvisor, we were keen to find out more :-) And what a special place it is! From the moment you arrive, you are welcomed warmly, and while sipping on a glass of Madeira, you are taken to your table. Chantel takes the time and comes to each table to explain the different menu options. The food cannot be described - no words would do justice to such extraordinary taste and creativity. Take your time and allow for 3 - 4 hours to enjoy the menu (4 to 5 courses including wine pairing should you wish). If you enjoy fine dining and have something special to celebrate - Mosaic is the place to go to.
  • 45AMarna

    Wasting words that could never do Chantal's creating justice is not what I am going to do. All I can say is that Mosaic is an absolute must do for anyone who professes to love food. Thank you for sharing your talent with our taste buds.
  • David S

    Restaurant Mosaic is excellent in every way from the fabulous food by the Top Chef - (each dish was beautifully presented and delicious) to the wonderful service to the fabulous buildings, decor and sumptuous comfort - it was a total surprise to us and a really unsurpassable treat if you are looking for something incredibly special - it couldn't have been more amazing - highly recommended! Visited November 2014
  • cbravo2015

    Rising like an Oriental folly in the midst of a lush nature reserve, the Mosaic could be an Indian palace or a Balinese temple. Massive outside doors, hewn from glowing slabs of hardwood, swing open to reveal a cool, eclectic interior furnished with carved wooden chests, art nouveau sculpture, carefully chosen paintings and, rather incongruously, a battered old valise from the days when public transport was powered by horses. The tiled staircase leads to the dining area which is richly furnished and impeccably styled. The staff are warm and welcoming and seem genuinely pleased to see their guests. Chef Chantel Dartnall is not only beautiful and charming but is also possessed of sublime culinary skills. There were three set menus when we went for Sunday lunch and we chose the Discovery Degustation which includes quail eggs with black truffle paste and rooibos langoustine risotto as first courses. Among the main courses are open range duck and free range lamb. However, this is a degustation experience which means you're sampling tiny portions of the chef's signature dishes rather than tucking into a traditional three course meal. Without exception the food was expertly prepared, delicious and presented on the plate with artistic flair. This is a dining experience everyone who appreciates fine food should have at least once in their lives. The wine list is equally impressive - we found a silky soft Alentejo red from Portugal which we've never seen in a South African restaurant. The Mosaic is unreservedly recommended. It's an experience you'll never forget. Visited July 2015
  • Lara v

    Wow, what a wonderful experience - again. My third trip to Mosaic did not disappoint. The food was in one word AMAZING. The sheer attention to detail, from the plate on which the food is served, up to detailed information on the actual dish and ingredients, was an experience on its own. To add to this, we stayed over at the hotel and were upgraded at no extra cost. This restaurant should most definitely be on anyone's bucket list. The food was extraordinary. The wine list is very impressive and the service was excellent. The breakfast is also a three course event, which was stunning and delicious. The wine knowledge is amazing and the pairing worth the extra money. I would return any day!
  • sTcO

    I think it only would be fair to start with the surroundings and the tranquility this place has to offer. It exceeds all expectations, beautiful buildings, lush gardens, art gallery and beautiful decorated hotel rooms. It is superb. Then we can start with the fine dining and the "Wine Bible". This is true fine dining at its best. The personal touch of the chef Chantel take one on a culinary experience beyond belief. The "food creations" are presented in a most attractive way and it leads one on this road of flavour explosions and true delight. One thing I have to mention is that we had a vegetarian in our lit'l group of four and her food was simply just amazing. So kudo's for Chantel preparing such delight! The staff are very friendly and competent and Chantel's mum adds so much flair to ones experience of dining at Restaurant Mosaic. Now that I have sung my praises the best is too come...exclusive wines available and trust me the prices will not break the bank. One can have an exclusive lunch/dinner here without fearing to face ones bank manager! Highly recommended and as it is a lit'l outside Pretoria, why not make the best of it and stay the night at The Orient, sure what I am doing next time. A big thank you to "Team Mosaic"! we had an amazing lunch
  • MadforitalyPretoria

    Mosaic is an absolute gem if you can afford the prices. Yes, in terms of world prices, the cost of a meal at the Mosaic is within limits, in terms of affordability for the average South African it is totally out of bounds. We used to visit Mosaic but have decided that it is no longer an option. It is not simply the cost but the fact that Mosaic is a fair drive out of town which necessitates an overnight stay if one is to enjoy the full offering of the best chef in South Africa in conjunction with one of the best cellars in South Africa. Leaves the discerning diner in a total dilemma as to whether the cost is justified. When one pays almost R3000 for a meal for two and then one needs to pay R3500 for accomodation if there is no designated driver or an expensive taxi ride then one thinks twice before indulging in the best food in the country.
    • Chef Chantel

      Mosaic is an absolute gem if you can afford the prices. Yes, in terms of world prices, the cost of a meal at the Mosaic is within limits, in terms of affordability for the average South African it is totally out of bounds. We used to visit Mosaic but have decided that it is no longer an option. It is not simply the cost but the fact that Mosaic is a fair drive out of town which necessitates an overnight stay if one is to enjoy the full offering of the best chef in South Africa in conjunction with one of the best cellars in South Africa. Leaves the discerning diner in a total dilemma as to whether the cost is justified. When one pays almost R3000 for a meal for two and then one needs to pay R3500 for accomodation if there is no designated driver or an expensive taxi ride then one thinks twice before indulging in the best food in the country.
      Dear MadforitalyPretoria Thank you for your compliments, although it seems like you have chosen our most extensive Degustation menu consisting of nine courses with international wine pairing. We do have three smaller menu options as well for a third of the price mentioned and an option for non-alcoholic beverage pairing for the designated drivers. Hopefully when you read this, you may change your mind and visit us again - we are looking forward welcoming you again. Warmest Mosaic-regards Chef Chantel
  • Keith B

    What an outstanding restaurant. Every time you visit is an experience. The food, the wine, the ambience. Chantal has the most beautiful smile when she tells you about the food and its preparation. You can see that this absolute passion just spells success - even the staff breathe it. You have to experience it!!!!!!!
  • Elmarie B

    This is a very special restaurant to visit and not your usual. With interior that blows your mind, a menu out of this world and a well known chef not only in South-Africa but also abroad, you can be sure that you will experience something very different and special. Each course of food is meticulously planned and prepared by this petite and pretty chef! Even the cutlery is so special, of a high standard and not your usual. Don't overlook all the art pieces and talk and ask about it. Very interesting! Make sure that somewhere, sometime, a visit here is on your bucket list!
  • Migglett

    My goodness what a treat this restaurant was - I can truly say that I have never eaten such a beautifully presented and cooked meal either in South Africa or abroad! It was outstanding from the time we arrived - a bit flustered from being late as we got a tad lost! Chef Chantel came and welcomed us personally in such a calm and friendly way , the somiliere was sheer perfection and the food was sublime! The ambiance was complimented by beautiful art work and very professional waiting staff!. I can't talk highly enough about the whole experience!
  • heinu620

    Wonderful food and service.Truly fine dining.There are not enough expletives for this restaurant. Personal attention from chef Chantel Dartnell.Exceptional cellar with extremely informed somellier.A must on bucket list!!
  • Karina B

    We were invited by a good friend to this fine restaurant for his 50th birthday. All my expectations were exceeded in every possible way. The food was incredible. Not only was it presented exceptionally creatively but it also tasted superb! Personal attention from chef Chantel Dartnell was also a bonus as well as the fantastic wines presented by the well informed somellier. This is definitely a restaurant that should be visited sooner than later!
  • Annie65SA

    We celebrated a friend's 50th and were treated to an incredible culinary adventure. Chef Chantel Dartnall deserves every bit of praise as well as all the accolades for the beautiful art and taste sensations that that she presents on every plate. This was our best meal ever and neither photos nor descriptions would do justice to the experience we had.
  • WildMagic

    A dream came be fortunate enough to eat in Chef Chantel Dartnall's Mosaic and to able to stay in the Orient. A warm welcome by Marie, the owner and being surprised by a room upgrade. Our greatest expectations were met. An intriguing venue with lavish attention to detail. A non alcoholic aperitif and a glass of wine on arrival. Our room certainly had the wow factor, beautifully appointed and a stocked honesty bar. Based on our initial impressions we couldn't wait for dinner. Oh my word..... We were presented with two heavy, bound books. One showcasing our South African offerings and the other, wines of the world. A journey into wine. To our amazement the prices are truly fair and affordable, making it possible to enjoy a top quality French Champagne. The knowledge of both sommeliers was impressive. One of our highlights was the personal explanation of possible menus and pairings by chef Chantel herself - she has almost an ethereal quality about her and her passion is palpable. Each course was superbly paired. The attention to detail and plating exceeded all expectations and it is no wonder that she was voted Chef of the year. Eating at Mosaic is something that should be on everyone's bucketlist who appreciates superb food and wine. Thank you for a memorable experience and we look forward to seeing you win an award as one of the world's top restaurants. Visited June 2015
  • tippervs

    The Chef here is the best chef in South Africa. She is very popular and has won some of the best awards given to Chefs. The food was the best i have ever had. And the grounds you can walk on after your meal are so so beautiful.
  • AshikaDheda

    My husband and I had the pleasure of celebrating our 3 year wedding anniversary at Restaurant Mosaic. The setting is simply beautiful - filled with many antiques and pieces of art. I chose the wine pairing with the pescatarian degustation menu whilst my husband had the petite degustation menu (as he was driving). The wine was superbly paired with each meal. The highlight for me was the langoustine risotto!...simply sensational. I liked the fact that we got a booklet which explained the chef's inspiration behind each dish and the origins of each wine presented. Service was efficient without being intrusive.We were each given a complimentary glass of bubbly on arrival to celebrate our special day. You are even given a small box of petite fours when you leave with the most amazing macarons and turkish delight. Everything is gorgeously presented... definitely a special place to spoil yourself and your significant other.
  • Korina E

    You are in for a true experience when you visit Mosaic. The venue is a gem filled with antiques and all things beautiful. Chantel is not only a fabulous chef but truly delightful and passionate about her art. She takes the time to personally introduce the menu to each table and her descriptions alone are an assault on the senses. Her dishes are carefully plated and designed to stimulate every sense. We have celebrated anniversaries, birthdays and friendships at Mosaic and always look forward to the next visit. This experience is a must for every foodie's bucket list!
  • Gus & Tracy

    Just the most incredible experience in every way, the food touched and delighted every sense and the taste far overcame the disappointment of having to consume the art. The langoustine risotto will haunt my taste buds for years! Germaine made the wine journey an experience in itself and his sharing of his passion with a small taste here and an experience there placed the entire visit at another level. Thank you so much for the upgrade to the Royal suite, we could not stay away and will be back
  • RegalLetsma

    I was going to start by saying that the Mosaic just gets better and better but it would not be true as perfection just cannot improve. Once again we just had the most amazing stay at The Orient Hotel, hi-lighted by the amazing food and service of Restaurant Mosaic. Words cannot justify the food that is presented and one has to witness it to believe it. Taste sensation comes to mind but it's also about the amazing presentation. We were especially happy to see that Moses had earned his sommelier "wings" and it was a pleasure having him explain the wine pairing that he presented to us for each course. Patience and Promise were also great and it goes without saying that Mari and Chantel were just the very best hosts possible. Extremely friendly, yet always professional. Thank you so much, you made my birthday an absolute dream. See you again in August :)
  • Rupert E

    Once found this place is a delight. It is in a beautiful setting, stunningly appointed with great staff and world class food
  • ZuZanna B

    We celebrated a special occasion - 50th birhday - at this amazing restaurant. In the professional hands of Chef Chantel we had a magnificent culinary experience - every plate a work of art. Each course was superbly prepared and complimented with excelled wines served by a well trained sommelier. The intriguing venue catches the imagination to let you fantasize about princes and princesses from days gone by. Truely a memorable experience.
  • KarienH_13

    The food was really amazing but the waiter / sommelier who served us messed it all up. Brought me the wrong 'arrival drink' twice and spilled my husband's drink all over himself....then brought us the wrong wines for the wine paring with our meal twice. And did the same with the table next to us. Really!!! For a five star restaurant??? Service was quite slow too...Also - why ask if it is a special occasion if you don't do anything about it. We wanted to celebrate our 20th wedding anniverwary. It was listed on the booking slip and not even one mention....
  • Epicurus123

    Our high expectations were exceeded.The food was the best we had ever experienced. Chef Chantel Dartnall is amazing and made our special occasion a memorable one. Service was great. Decor is very classy.
  • ChanteD-R

    Acclaimed head chef Chantel Dartnall honours the very essence of 'degustation' and every expectation the term might inspire. It would be shameful to describe the experience merely as one in terms of dining - on the contrary, few senses (if any) remain unaccounted for. The first appearance of whichever dish is being served promptly elevates the bar of expectation beyond the cream of fine dining. A variety of colourful, elegant yet stylishly playful melanges of fresh and prudently prepared ingredients - in some cases imitating elements of nature - taste every bit as luxurious as they appear, concluding an all-round sensory indulgence. I harbor no doubt that every course has been prepared with the greatest of skill and a generous dose of passion, since the cuisine, execution, presentation and satisfaction of consumption is of exceptional standard. Being wine enthusiasts, we opted for the local wine pairing - sensational! It is worth noting that a degustation menu comprises an array of small portions, and I would advise guests with healthy appetites to satisfy such with the Grande Degustation, however the modest (or fairer) appetite might be satiated by the Discovery Degustation. Having reserved early for a special occasion, we had the privilege of being hosted in the Tiffany Room amid plush, private surroundings. The service was of high esteem and the personnel were courteous and attentive. In fact, no single amenity has escaped the attention with which details are approached at this establishment: from the hand crafted wood finishes, Persian carpets, vintage furniture and collectors' art, every furnishing serves a specific purpose to contribute toward the lush and luxurious whole. Prospective guests of this niche establishment should be prepared for a four-figure allowance per person in benefit of Grande Degustation and wine pairing (peruse the restaurant's website for more information) but rest assured that the experience is well worth the expense!
  • Sarel D

    Having seen the award-winning chef Chantel Dartnall on media, it became a dream to visit her restaurant and to see what all the fuzz is about. We booked our dinner for my wife's birthday well in advance and arrived full of expectations at the Orient Hotel. What an absolute exquisite journey it was!! The restaurant is beautifully decorated and invitingly cosy. We chose the middle range summer menu with wine pairing and started an epic journey of gastronomical delights that lasted for 4 and a half hours! It was an honor to meet Chantel personally, describing her motivation behind all her creations. Beautiful work of art dishes were presented in extraordinary ways - each an artwork in its own. Minute detail in the plating was accompanied by heavenly tasting food, complemented by the best local wines! Up to the last dessert, the presentation and tastes were phenomenal - it felt like we attended an art exhibition in food titled Summer South Africa! We were thankful of having the foresight of booking a room well in advance. We could not finish the menu (coffee and petit fours were the last course) and opted for coffee in our suite. Filled with glorious tastes, smells and sights, we fell asleep and slept till ten am the next morning. What an amazing experience this was!
  • Hennie Y

    We visited Restaurant Mosaic 19th April. All the facets and aspects of the visit blended in to a magnificent culinary experience! Highly recommend. Hennie and Sanet Yzelle
  • FontyZA

    For once, a top rated restaurant that's worthy of the accolades. Set in one of the most amazing environments in town this dining destination delights all the senses. We were a party of 8 and were seated in a private room. Service was superb and added to the excellence of the cuisine. Each course, paired with a wine from the extensive cellar collection, was an explosion of taste and coupled with ingenious plating to create gastronomic masterpieces. This was definitely our most pleasing dining experience of the year, unhurried and fully savoured, only brought to a close by the realisation of a relatively long drive home. Be warned that, due to the isolation of the location, services such as Uber will not be available. Designated driver is recommended, or even better, an overnight stay in the Orient Hotel.
  • RigVeda

    What a beautiful retreat away from the hum drum of life! Meeting the chef personally as she recited the evening meal and taking the time to engage with her customers was wonderful. Lovely food, though in hindsight I personally think going with the Discovery is more value for money than the Grand Degustation I had. The additional starter and very small additional desert does not warrant the additional R 350 extra (I know we really shouldnt be quibling about the money in a place like this - but I think I would have been far happier with this choice next time). Their home made breads with the various spreads is a delicious surprise. The cheese board was deliciously decadent and one could almost fill oneself up with the selection of cheeses and the associated candied fruits and breads. We couldnt stay the night over, if we did, I think we would have gone with the wine pairing as the other guests were quite vocal about how great it was! Next time :)
    • Chef Chantel

      Dear Mr RigVeda Thank you very much for your visit to Restaurant Mosaic. We greatly appreciate that you have taken the time to write about your experience and more specifically how you perceive the Grande Degustation Menu in relation to the Discovery menu. The cost for the sustainably farmed Caviar d'Aquitaine which we use on the trout plate is very expensive and has to be calculated in the price for the Grande Degustation Menu. I will be sure to mention this to our guests when I explain the Grande Degustation Menu from now on. we look forward to welcoming you soon. Kind regards Chef Chantel We do hope to make up for this disappointment during your next visit and look forward to welcome you back in the near future. Warmest Mosaic Regards Chef Chantel

    Every dish presented was a painting of colours and flavours tantalising our taste buds, not to mention the grand wines we enjoyed.
  • Grennie47

    If I was to go again, I would get there earlier. It's an amazing property and the food is equally as good. There is a collection of Rolls Royces, there are lovely gardens and a pool. There is also have an art gallery. Basically if you are taking the time to drive out here, do it properly. The food is topclass and there is a wine list with atleast 1000 wines. The service is great, the ambience is unique, it's small intimate and you get personal attention, its a real treat and very fancy. Allow about 4 hours for the experience.
  • Maretha V

    Some of the best food and wonderful professional service! All the food was served with the finest of detail - spectacular food! Had my first experience with frog legs and it was a pleasant surprise. The oats porridge served at breakfast the next morning was superb - never had oats as good as that. Mosaic compare anytime with the best in SA!
  • DDR1234

    Each dish is a masterpiece and you can see and taste the attention to detail put into each dish! You want to savour the moment and let it linger longer with each bite. Wonderful venue brings back memories of Morocco.
  • F2P2

    Everything we were served was absolutely amazing, with great care taken with the presentation & also the explanation of each dish. The evening went far too quick. but luckily for us we stayed over at the Orient. Breakfast served was another amazing experience with more than 6 different elements presented - all tasty & beautifully done. You absolutely have to go there at least once! It is not cheap, but still good value for money.
  • Rob M

    My only concern with this commentary is that what is the wonderfully quiet but stunning place will get onto the map. The meal with wine pairing has to rate as one of SA's best. In addition to that the little Hotel is just amazing. What makes it amazing is the uniqueness. There are many lavish and incredible places, this jumps out because its so unexpected. I really will make a concerted effort to get there again for another special occasion.
  • elisbie k

    Lovely escape from the city to amazing setting. Excellent food cooked with passion. Chantel Darnall is a chef with many talents. She personally explains the menu and one can only sit back and enjoy every mouthful. Her food is beautifully presented with cutlery to match her awesome food. My favorite dish was the Laugostine with Tomato Risotto. The Petit Fours in pretty boxes (for each guest) to take home is such a lovely gesture and best variety seen in any Top Ten clever to send clients home with exquisite sweets made by her kitchen and also to make sure the taste of a superb meal lingers on for the rest of the day.....message
  • Lavita O

    Wow. There are no words that can describe the incredible meal we had at Mosaic. The evening started with a wine tasting by Anthony Hamilton Russell followed by the most fantastic meal paired with wines from Hamilton Russell. Everything was perfect - the setting, wonderfully trained staff and of course the excellent chef, Chantal who visited our table and sent a thank you e-mail the following day. We stayed over at the hotel which was just the cherry on the top. This is one place that I highly recommend.
  • WILLY l

    We treat ourselves with friends once a year at this amazing venue. Before dinner I can't pass the opportunity to have a walk thru Tinie Pritchards gallery of beautiful sculptures. It's a fitting start for a special evening of flavour adventures. Chantel and Mom are now part of an elite group of world class chefs. Chantel totally deserves to be part of them. We only took the regular menu, in the past we ended up with seriously extended bellies and wanted to avoid repeats. For a change we decided on champagne rather then the wine pairing. There are less known brands to choose from and well worth it. The food this time was unbelievable. The combination of flavours to discover from mouthful ( maybe tongue-full is more apt ) to mouthful was an absolute astonishing experience. Chantel you have reached the zenith. The quantum leap of presentation and tastes from last year is mind blowing. Thank you for an incredible experince.
  • JohSch59

    Almost a year after our first encounter of this temple of gastronomy, we revisited the Mosaic this past weekend. I now rate it even higher that the first time round. Chantel is an artist of the highest calibre and the delightfully appointed art nouveau restaurant is a fitting stage on which she plies her trade to the highest and most demanding standards. The concept of the amuse-bouche must have been developed with artists like Chantel in mind, allowing her the opportunity to display the full range of her cullinary skills. The fragrances, flavours, textures and tastes that she conjures up is breathtaking. It is very difficult to single out any dish on her summer 2015 menu but for me the presentation of the ‘Mousse de Mer’ was astounding while taste-wise it is a dead heat between the ‘Millionaire’s Nest Egg’ and the ‘Bouillabaisse’. The Millionaire’s Nest Egg is a symphony of earthy fragrances all singing in tune to deliver the most melodious song from the forest that you could imagine. (Spoil yourself and add the black truffle on offer as it elevates the taste to another level). The Bouillabaisse is a similar composition but in a different key resulting in a beautiful ode to the sea. The crunchy savory fish skin served on top of the fish is not only magnificent, it punctuates the taste of the entire dish. Germain’s excellent wine pairings serve to embellish the fountain of fragrances and tastes from the dishes. The overall effect is like hearing and watching a perfectly synchronised sensual tango. As a side note, I want to venture that few chefs in the world could be as good as Chantel in blending the exquisite fragrance of saffron into so many different nuances. The restaurant staff are very well trained and seem more confident than a year ago with Mari’s presence keeping all the players in the orchestra in tune and on beat. Above all, the consistency that we experienced compared to a year ago is remarkable. Without any doubt Mosaic can compete against the best on the global stage. Chantel makes us proud to have such mastery and skill here on our doorstep.
  • stuarthg

    Restaurant Mosaic offers Michelin starred food and service. Myself, partner and 3 friends had dinner at Restaurant Mosaic on Friday 20 Feb 2015. The Restaurant is tucked away somewhere near pretoria, which is a little out of the way for someone from Johannesburg, but the venue is spectacular and so is the food (you could book into the Orient Hotel...
  • M H

    My husband and I escaped the city late Friday afternoon to this wonderful location. We were to spend the night at the Orient Mosaic hotel and sample Chef Chantal's famous cuisine. The surroundings are simply beautiful - indigenous bush, the air smells warm and clean and spring water cool and delicious. This is the family farm belonging to Chef Chantal's family and she is a graduate of the same cooking school as I am and she was Chef of the year 2014 San Pellegrino. Chef Chantal came and met with us personally at the pool to discuss our choices from the evenings menu's. We ummed and aahhed for sometime; changed our choices repeatedly, swopped dishes from one menu to the other and this was all met with equanimity and tranquil charm. I am not sure how she remembered our order as I was completely befuddled - but she did. The dining room is lovely, classic French bistro with a slight Nouveau feel. The service was attentive and the courses flowed at the right speed. The food went from one delight to the next, the truffled quail eggs, bouillabaise and other exquisitely plated dishes each with a host of complementary elements were a treat for the palate. think lemon verbena ice cream. We chose the international wines to pair with our food and this was the only negative. The trainee sommelier was not well informed and the head sommelier was perfunctory to the extreme (borderline rude); he plonked our wines down with just sufficient time to bark out the name of the wine, give us a fleeting 2 second look at the bottle/label and was gone. Clearly he was far too busy serving the Hamilton Russel table. This was a disappointment especially as we had recently visited 500 at The Saxon where the Sommelier there is outstanding, informative with a wealth of knowledge and interesting anecdotes. The field wine we had with one of our plates was caramelised but the trainee sommelier changed it without a fuss. We had a wonderful evening and were extremely pleased to just wander upstairs to bed with just enough space to eat the chocolates on the bedside table before lapsing into a dreamless slumber. I must add that the breakfast the next morning was absolutely wonderful and comparable to the previous nights dinner. Fresh pastries, little tastes of panna cotta, creamy oats, a sliver of smoked salmon, eggs Benedict and so on. All served by the pool in the early morning sunlight.
    • Chef Chantel Dartnall

      Dear M H Thank you very much for your wonderful review and the beautiful compliment. It was really such a pleasure to serve you. I would however like to apologise that you were not entirely satisfied. Our Sommelier has unfortunately been “under the weather” and has suffered from a rather severe ear infection which has caused him to not be quite himself. He did not want to take time off from work as he felt it was his duty to be on the floor during such a busy service – but in retrospect it might have been a good idea. We certainly look forward to welcome you back, where I am sure you will see the whole team in tip top condition. Warmest Mosaic Regards Chef Chantel Dartnall
  • DonnaH939

    Staying at "The Orient Private Hotel" we chose to also dine at the in-house restaurant. Knowing Chef Chantel Dartnall was recently awarded 2014 San Pellegrino Chef of the Year we were very excited to add this to our Bucket list. Our high expectations were met 100% and more, with the experience being one of the greatest. The restaurant is a A Belle Epoque / Art Nouveau style treasure. One surely has just stepped back in time somewhere in the middle of beautiful romantic Paris. Radiating warmth and Intimacy with a couple of separate areas allowing personal space & comfort, without losing the energy flowing within. Two private dining rooms also on offer are truly magnificent. A very special touch was the Chef, Chantel introducing herself and describing the culinary journey we were about to embark on. The food / menu changes with the seasons and is inspired by nature with a contemporary classical french influence. Degustation style we chose the "Discovery" Option, with a Petite, Grande and Vegetarian also on offer. The Amuse bouche was testament to what was to follow. An exquisite and very colourful step through the garden/nature indulging the senses. Vibrant, imaginative, flavourful. We chose wine paring - great choice. Sommelier Germain definitely knows his wines. And with >35,000 in the cellar it was too much for us to decide! Everything from bread trolley , choice of cutlery, dinner ware, glasses, mini copper pots was a pure delight. Service faultless!
  • Ilse S

    Good friends of ours are regulars at Mosaic and I have had the privilege of eating there with them twice last year (2014). This is not just a meal out but an experience. Every mouthful is an adventure and every plate an artful expression of Chantal's beautiful mind and soul. Save up if you have to but add this to your bucket list - and then add it again and again.
  • Ilze L

    We visited Mosaic on Sunday and what an amazing experience. The service was excellent, the food was out of this world. The best we ever had. The food is works of art and packed full of intense flavors. The head chef herself, Chantel Dartnall, came to tell us about the menu. The whole experience was just incredible for us. It is such a stunning venue with such amazing art, furniture and sculptures. I now understand why Mosaic is the number one restaurant in Gauteng. Thank you for this amazing experience.
  • Tony M

    A special birthday meal arranged by my SO saw me forgoing my shorts on a Sunday for a 40 minute trip to this wonderful restaurant. From the time you arrive, the service was personal and not over the top. The "Chef" (I would rather call her an artist) explained the dishes on the menu for the day and you are also left with a small booklet explaining the dish and her inspiration. Very French with a bit of saffer thrown in the dishes were sublime - both from a visual perspective and a taste sensation. The quail eggs were the best dish of the day and created taste sensations that we continued to talk about on the way home. The langoustine dish was a work of art, with the fresh taste competing with the visual completeness of the dish. Inspired by the beach and so well executed. The poultry dish was well prepared, tasty and for the hungry people a second helping served up in a little pot. I happily polished that off as well. The quail was the best of the three birds on the plate. A wide selection of cheeses made for a wonderful end to the meal. There was desert, but for me it consisted of too many gelatine elements to make it enjoyable. I must also admit, by this stage I was feeling rather full. I am a big eater, had skipped breakfast, and I left there not wanting more at all. A special place. A special Chef - Artist and special service. Visited February 2015
  • Carin K

    Chantel's culinary expertise makes every bite a pleasure. It is 4 hours of absolute bliss where my husband and I discuss nothing else than the food, the presentation, the look, the taste the experience. The staff is always professional, Marie and Chantel, always the most beautiful porcelain dolls. Marie accommodates you in every way possible, so that her daughter can concentrate on her absolute magnificent creations. We've stayed over a few times and even had our small wedding celebration in the gardens. The rooms are tranquil and each one individually and beautifully decorated. Breakfast overlooking nature, is another experience. I am so glad I've had the opportunity to experience The Orient. I recommend it to anyone that is a foodie! Visited September 2014
  • I G

    The food looked like artworks and tasted marvelous. It was extremely well presented. Each bite was perfect. The ambience was out of this world. It was calm and enhanced the experience. The service was superb. Everyone there was extremely friendly and professional. We felt very welcome. We can recommend this restaurant without any doubt. We have been to a few of the EatOut top 10 restaurants over the past 5 years. This was definitely the best experience so far. It was worth every cent. Restaurant Mosaic surpassed all our expectations.
  • Linda K

    This ranks as one of my top restaurant visits ever. Unbelievable! We did the Discovery menu, having been warned that the full degustation can be a bit overwhelming. It was a lot of food but not too much. Every single dish was special - I still can't choose a favourite although the sunflower spring and the millionaire's nest egg are both top contenders. I chose the "birds of a feather" for a main meal, really incredibly special. This would be one of my first choices for a special occasion in future, budget permitting. It is not cheap, but worth every cent. If you have the time, try to go early and spend some time with the sommelier in the wine cellar - this made our visit even more special. Visited January 2015
  • ants_krause

    Chantelle truly deserves all the awards and great reviews she has received over the past years. We have enjoyed visiting Mosaic a number of times over the past 5 years. Chantelle is now competing with the best chefs in the world. Our last experience at Mosaic has been like no other in South Africa - it is truly phenomenal! He ideas, flavours and detail is so special and so unique. We really treasure each dinner and each breakfast we have had at Restaurant Mosaic. Thank you!!! Visited December 2014
  • Arina J

    We've been to Mosaic a few times. Private couple dinners, introducing friends, business dinners, special family time, wine tasting, and ever to celebrate our wedding day over lunch with those dear and special to us. There is just absolutely nothing else you could ask for than the Mosaic. If you have not been, you are surely missing out on the best food ever. The entire package is a treat! Thank you, Mosaic! Visited November 2014
  • SunayanaSasikumar

    We celebrated another wonderful anniversary dinner at the beautiful Orient hotel's Mosaic restaurant and were as always enraptured by the detail of every course. Always nice to see the same friendly happy faces there! The wine sommelier was a little distracted at times and I ended up getting my wine well after I had dug in to each course, but the food was so delectable that it almost didn't matter. Dessert was a bit of a miss this time but overall it was an absolutely magical evening! Don't forget to book well in advance if you want to sleep over to avoid disappointment. We will be back for every special occasion to sample more of Chantal's exquisite food. Visited December 2014
  • Natasha M

    This has certainly been one of the best, 5 star fine-dining experiences. With top notch food and service this is definitely a world-class restaurant. Every dish had the finest attention to detail in presentation and was bursting with the most beautiful, flavoursome, mouth watering aromas and tastes. The service was impeccable and cannot be faulted in any way. The wine connoisseur must also be mentioned, extremely knowledgable in his wine pairings it was an experience to be able to taste various selected French wines and be told of their origins and backgrounds. Breakfast cannot go unmentioned either, it was another unforgettable dining experience with the most delicious and unusual combinations of breakfast foods. The Orient hotel itself is a marvel, a most unique and beautiful place right on the doorstep of Johannesburg. A special and memorable experience from the moment of arrival to departure, this is definitely somewhere that I'll come back to! Visited November 2014
  • Anelle1110

    A fantastic evening of wining and dining. Every plate of food was a work of art- too beautiful to eat! Chantal is an absolute world class chef - we will never forget this experience!
  • Matt_Sa_12

    This was one of those rare culinary experiences when afterwards it didn't matter what the cost was. ...serious! We were privileged to be one of 5 couples spoilt by our group CEO to spend an overnight at the Orient Hotel together with dinner in the private dining room to celebrate the outgoing CEO' s long service to the company. I have never been impressed by French cuisine and artwork on plates but this was an all together mind blowing experience from arrival to departure the follow day. Never experienced in SA before but I also suspect will rate amongst the world's best too. The three choices of number of dishes (petite, discovery and grande) is a novel way to appeal to all appetites. I took the grande option while most of our party took the discovery and quite frankly discovery was more than enough. The grande option included 7 starters! Okay they are small if not tiny but the wide array of tastes is quite extraordinary. And everything on the plate can be eaten, has a story behind it's source and sets the taste buds alight down to the shavings of some nut from some remote island. Our meal took 5 hours so make sure you overnight at the Orient to take the pressure off. Simply brilliant
  • Rooihoogte

    The Restaurant Mosaic is a wonderful experience in every sense. From the moment we entered the Francolin conservancy our every sense was stimulated. The Mosaic Restaurant exhumes and old world charm, the service levels are exemplary. My wife and I could not fault anything in the least manner. Each dish was a artwork on a plate and the taste of all the individual components complimentary to each other. I can honestly recommend the wine pairing as one of the best I have ever experienced. The Restaurant Mosaic is A MUST DO recommendations to any serious food lover. Visited December 2014
  • LyonBen

    When staying over in the Orient Hotel and experiencing a wonderful dinner at Restaurant Mosaic, you might feel tempted the next morning to skip breakfast and opt for a late check-out without breakfast. Do not consider this - you will be missing out on one of the most fabulous meals served at the restaurant! Rave reviews have appeared from countless diners visiting Restaurant Mosaic and reflecting on the culinary skills of chef Chantel Dartnall and her wonderful team. Most of these reviews have appeared after a luscious lunch or divine dinner, but few reflect on the Best Breakfast in SA. Chef Chantel brings the same culinary skills she displays during lunch and dinner to the most important meal of the day, breakfast. But, of course, with several magical twists. Expect the unexpected, starting with several small plates representing new takes on some traditional items. Thank you to a wonderful supportive team led by Marí for redefining the concept "dinner bed and breakfast"!
  • Maike D

    For a special occasion I decided to take the trip from Pretoria East to Mosaic to have a celebration lunch with the family and it was the best decision to come here. Fantastic culinary combinations and variations on themes with a lovely wine pairing and friendly staff which on the whole gave the afternoon a friendly and easy atmosphere with absolute top service, ambiance and quality. For special occasions or just to treat yourself, this is the best choice you can make Visited November 2014
  • DineshCooper

    An all-round amazing experience, really world-class. The setting is spectacular, the food is exceptional. A mind-boggling array of wines to choose from, their wine list is more of an encyclopedia than a wine-list. Germain the sommelier is crafty guide and adds a lot to the whole experience. (do try the Grof Degenfeld Tokaji Muscat Blanc) Visited December 2014
  • Wynand S

    Chantel, the Chef is an artist of note. Have never seen art in plate as seen here. Excellently presented and ultimate dining experience available here. Mari the hostess oozes with hospitality and really ensures a memorable experience. The wine list is presented in the form of two volumes of a 'shipping register', unbelievably ample. The sad part though, as is the case with many restaurants, but not expecting here, is the insensitivity of the 'runners' both in kitchen and bar operating amongst the guests. Intruding private space, disrupting conversations, without as much as a glance or request, we were virtually and physically shoved aside as one of them (Gloria?) focused on her task to place bread on the table. Nevertheless, we would certainly revisit the experience. Visited November 2014
  • Lea v

    The food was exceptional - a journey for the eyes and tastebuds. Chef Dartnell creates the most exquisite plates. I was fortunate enough to go on a tour of kitchen - it is clean, professional and full of character. A must do for any visitors to Gauging, or those living in the area. Visited December 2013
  • Pedroinspain

    Having lunch at Mosaic was a top-10 experience. From the parking allocation to the departure greeting, the service was excellent. The ambiance was fascinating with the artworks and decorations, although some may find it over-fussy. The dining choice was a foursome of set menus with increasing numbers of dishes. We chose the second - Discovery - and it was ample for lunch. The amuse bouches set the tone - parmesan soup!! In the Sunflower Spring I never realised that carrots could be made to perform like a full harmonised orchestra. Funghi on the Forest floor was an earthy but balanced delight of mushrooms ... plus a (deliberate) itinerant snail. The trout of First Kiss was sublime. The least impressive dish was the suckling pig. The crackling was impeccably crisp, but the sliced rib roll was enveloped in flabby fat which definitely detracted. I think that a sous vide preparation finished with a brief but searing caramelisation on a hot iron plate would have been more to my personal taste. The Celebration of Spring desert was refreshing and well-balanced, clearing the greasiness of the pork, and the remaining dishes were of similar quality. For me this was definitely 2-star Michelin standard. We had two wines, a top Peninsula sauvignon blanc and a 'Treinspoor' tinta barocca from Riebeeck Kasteel, both at about SA Rand 230 ($21), which is pretty fair. Our service was exemplary; not too pushy, and without the 'buddiness' that one so often finds in South Africa restaurants. The meal cost was SA Rand 625 ($ 56) per person. Now that is astounding value in anyone's terms, although pricey for South Africa. One somewhat irritating aspect was hearing the head sommelier trying to educate many of the clients who wanted foreign wines into that they should be liking/trying, and being quite patronising about it at times. Thankfully, having chosen local wines we did not have to hear his exposé as to why merlots were inferior to cabernet sauvignons, or I might have felt driven to remind him that Chateau Petrus is 95% merlot. Go to Mosaic. You won't regret it. Visited November 2014
  • SAVegetarian

    On 13 September 2014, my boyfriend surprised me with a night out. I had no idea where we were going, but when we arrived, I couldn't believe it - I had been swooning over Mosaic's menus (available online) since we moved to Pretoria two years ago. And here we were, I was so excited. Dining out as vegetarians in South Africa is often difficult, especially at fine restaurants. I've been to many an esteemed establishment only to be gravely disappointed by yet another 'vegetable platter' or 'vegetable lasagne'. While lasagne can be delicious, I had been yearning to try something more experimental. Mosaic exceeded even my wildest expectations. The restaurant itself is gorgeous, and the staff and chef Chantel very informative and friendly. We enjoyed a beautiful and overwhelmingly delicious seven-course vegetarian meal - no platters in sight! And to top it off, the night ended with a surprise engagement, something my boyfriend had arranged with the staff, who cheered us with a lovely champagne and warm smiles. All in all, a night to remember. Thanks again to Mosaic for making our engagement so special, and for the absolutely wonderful food.
  • David Ferreira

    Dear Friends, It is very difficult to express by words all the feelings and sensations I am still experiencing from my stay at Mosaic. But I have to do it! No need to say that it was a memorable experience, unique in its essence and friendship. The harmony, lightness, elegance, easiness, welcoming behavior present all the time made it what it will be for me ever: unforgettable! On the other side, I have to point out the professionalism of all your team. The superb and delicate hand of Chantell offering a fine gastronomy based on dreams and thoughts made real in the form of careful cuisine flowered by the estate own elements. And never thought a smile could be so beautiful. The personal attention to details of Germain, resulting in a perfect to perfection wine service, his knowledge and, above all, his keenness to Portuguese wines and passion for sharing. Mari, you were the always present Goddess, around everyone, attentive to needs and moods, available with a smile. The best hostess one can have! And, of course, without Annemarie, how could we enjoy such a pleasure of having our wines being tasted on time, after a deserved resting? Thank you so much! And as to you, Cobus, all the mentions to your team just justify the kind character and the gentleman you are. The perception of beauty either in paintings, sculptures, gardens, myths, stories and wines show how rich a man can be. I still (and always will) remember the way you described the sculpture of Mari and Nandi, with all emotion present on your voice and eyes… I will be very happy if an opportunity is given to my wines at Mosaic. I really would like to ‘blend’ our passion with yours. A Big Thank You to you all, my Friends. PS: No invitation is needed to visit Mouchão. Just let me know when you want to feel home in Portugal. Kind regards, David Marques Ferreira
  • Fred P

    There are no real words that can describe the experience that you have when you visit Restaurant Mosaic. Prepare yourself for an experience and not just a meal! The attention to detail, the quality and aesthetic beauty of the food, the tastes and the visual stimulation - a sensory overload! The only way to describe it is WOW! Having said all of the above, be aware, its not cheap. Not the place to go if you are on a budget or if the price of the meal is even something that you are going to consider. It is an experience worth every cent and will leave you with memories that will probably last a life time. We went for lunch on a Saturday afternoon and I would recommend that you do the same as the meal lasted for close on 6 hours with course after course of the most delectable and beautiful dishes being served with a beautiful and innovative wine pairing. The restaurant is set within the Orient Hotel which is unique in character and opulently furnished and decorated with incredible contemporary art. Arrange a driver or just book a room in the beautiful hotel and savour the experience! A genuine must do!! Visited November 2014
  • Reenwoud

    A haven between JHB and Pretoria awaits. Dinner here is a journey, a gallery of colour, tastes and textures. Chantal is one of very few culinary artists that I have come across. Her passion, dedication and talent shines through. To compliment your meal with their wine pairing is also a great idea. I recommend sleeping over at Orient afterwards- you will not feel like leaving early!
  • Urs W

    what a beautiful lunch I had with my family from Pretoria. Food and wine was divine! Looking forward to my next visit. Visited November 2014
  • Liesl B

    Im not sure words can adequately describe the experience of Mosaic - all i can say is just go there - now! today!and tonight! The venue is like entering a completely unexpected wonderland, like you've stepped into a magical fairy tale and that just sets the scene for the magic the follows. The food is beyond fantastic, the service outstanding and the wines were surprise after surprise - absolutely loved it Visited November 2014
  • KeithMcKay44

    A wine club year end party surpassed all expectations - 48,000 bottles of wine - covered in 2 massive leather bound books (one local and one international) - you think of it they have it. Clearly Chef Chantel has a passion for food and perfectly "paired" with Sommelier Germain. Rare occasions to be spoilt with such brilliance - each course hand prepared and presented amazingly with taste combinations to match and the wine perfectly paired. Yes it is a little bit of a drive but it is so absolute worth it - we are wondering when we can make it back!! Visited November 2014
  • MeerkatV

    The individual attention provided by Chef Chantel Dartnall was very special. She took the time explain each dish on the menu to each table and was happy to answer questions. The fine dining experience is offered through three menu options, with each one including one or two additions. This is a nice touch as smaller eaters can choose the 'petit' option without leaving the restaurant feeling uncomfortably over-full. Each plate was a picture and the quality and taste of the food met all our expectations. The main courses (Bird of a Feather, and the lobster-based bouillabaisse) were a delight. The desserts did not make as huge of an impression as the rest of the meal but all-in-all, it was a lovely experience. No surprise why the Mosaic and Chef Chantel are as highly regarded on the South African food scene as they are. Visited November 2014
  • LyonBen Lyon

    This was a first visit to Mosaic, and I can predict the first of many more to come. From the personal interaction of the parking attendant, the food and service in the restaurant, the care given to the exhibits at the Tienie Pritchard museum. All these interactions made for a very unique experience. Chantel and all the assisting staff are to be congratulated on creating a unique eating experience. We will be back as soon as possible. Visited October 2014
  • makin415

    We went to Mosaic for dinner with some friends. What a marvellous service. All our meals were done to perfection. We left very happy and we look forward to our next visit.
  • mitxcoac

    We went again for dinner at Restaurant Mosaic, as it is still one of our favourite restaurants in South Africa to celebrate special occasions, or any occasion for that matter. It was my partner’s birthday the Sunday, so we decided to go through the Saturday evening. Yet again we were greeted by Mari (the chef Chantal’s mother) and were ushered into the exquisite space of the restaurant. And you are immediately transported into another world of opulence, food & wine. We decided to do the Discovery Spring menu, and with each course that was brought it was again confirmed why we absolutely love Chantel Dartnall’s food philosophy & creations. Each dish is still the perfect picture on a plate, and you can clearly see the inspiration she got from her recent trips to Europe. The tastes of all the dishes are also again sublime and the perfect combinations. We opted to order our own wine, and discovered real gems at decent prices that the Sommelier brought from the cellar. We were so enthralled with the wines that we asked if we may purchase wines, and we were allowed to! We were so excited about our wine purchases! This restaurant and establishment is definitely still one of our favourite places in South Africa to go for a treat. We will definitely return every time possible. Visited September 2014
  • Peter L

    We settled in for lunch on Saturday, 6th of September. We had lunch at Mosaic before and knew we were in for a treat. We were not disappointed - the courses arrived, perfectly timed and beautifully executed. Each plate is a masterpiece; almost impossible to think that it is food which has been elevated to art on a plate. And not just any food - flavours are carefully chosen and balanced for just the right taste, feel and texture. Mushroom soup is not mushroom soup; it is an explosion of flavour in the form of a clear consomme, flanked by a variety of almost unbelievably tender mushrooms. On the same plate was a arrangement of condiments of subtle flavours one could either use to cleanse the palate or enhance each mouthful. It is impossible to describe Chantelle's entire menu as it was complex and extensive. One thing must be clearly understood; if you are the T-bone and baked potato or sticky ribs and chips fan, this might not be to your taste, nor might your hunger be completely satisfied afterwards. That it is an extraordinary experience to be savoured at leisure goes without saying - when someone puts so much effort and thought into what it is she does, the result can only be superb and that is also my rating for this unusual restaurant.
  • Nigel R

    I had read a number of reviews about this restaurant, none of them can really do justice to this amazing restaurant. After two dinners, two breakfasts and a light lunch my wife and I agree that this is one of the very best restaurants in South Africa. The wine lists are the best I have ever seen. Two volumes, one South African and one International. More importantly very well priced given the selection, quality and vintages of the wines. Our first night we had the Grand Degustation Menu. A memorable procession of amazing dishes, each one a work of art and intriguing tastes and aromas. From the sunflower, to the Birds of a Feather and the Pork, the cheese and chocolate heaven. The homemade breads were equally intriguing and the Anchovy butter addictive. Although we had some excellent wine with the meal, we should have had the wine paring. The next morning we had fantastic leisurely breakfast of the same standard. I had the best Eggs Benedict that I have ever had. Chantal the owner and truly Master Chef then put us at ease and told us she would design our own menu for that evening. More later. For lunch we a had a simple and very tasty Smoked Salmon salad. Again mastery of taste combinations, by far and away the best we ever had. That evening we had "our" degustation menu, and this time we did the International wine paring. Wines from France, Hungary and Spain accompanied the meal. Expertly chosen by the Sommelier. The Snail Trail, unique and beautiful to look at and eat. We were privileged to preview the new desert a "Broken Yogurt". Get there soon to try this. Thank you to Chantal and her team. The best in SA and truly world class.
  • LorraineLK

    To start... WOW, what an experience! We were impressed before we were even shown to our private 8 seater dining room. As an anniversary celebration it was a perfect location. You get a feeling when you walk through the impressive wooden entrance doors that you are going to be in for a treat. And we were not disappointed. Our party decided to go for the 'Spring 2014, Discovery' selection, with wine paring. Each course was a taste explosion. The flavor combinations were absolutely amazing. Who would have thought Rainbow Trout and Vanilla would be a likely combination... Chantel did and she did it perfectly! I can see why this is the number 1 restaurant in Pretoria. The Sommelier was also fantastic. He explained each wine beautifully. Such an interesting man. A true master of his trade. Viva Chantel, Viva. And thank you Mari, you were the perfect host.
  • RegalLetsma

    The title says it all. We just cannot fault this amazing restaurant and boutique hotel. We arrived for a light lunch, followed by a long walk through the bush. Saw many, many animals at close quarters. Returned for a drink by the pool, followed by a short siesta before indulging in approximately 12 incredible courses paired with some lovely local wine. Next morning we were greeted with a 5 star breakfast before returning home, relaxed and rejuvenated.
  • Marais M

    Where to start? ....the food is definitely too beautiful to eat. An experience indeed. Every dish explodes in your mouth and awakens all the senses. Difficult to describe...this is something you have to experience for yourself. If my ship ever arrives I will employ the sommelier as well (with their stock of exquisite wines and champagne). Never before in my life had I seen such an knowledgeable individual that is as passionate about the wine being served as Chantel is about her food. This establishment deserves a 6 star rating. Visited September 2014
    • Chantel

      Dear Fellow Foodie We are delighted to hear you have enjoyed your visit so much that you even want to "adopt" our sommelier and the wine cellar! It is guests like you and all our previous lovely reviews that makes it an absolute pleasure serving you, and inspire us to go beyond that extra mile for our guests. Kind regards, from the Mosaic Team
  • RegalLetsma

    After our first visit in January we returned for another fantastic stay. The wine pairing with the outstanding cuisine was amazing. The friendly warm efficient service was as superb as our first visit and the breakfast next morning was also of the highest standard. Mari and Chantel run a remarkable hotel & restaurant that has to be seen to be believed. Added to this incredible country venue is the game wondering around the grounds that are so friendly one can almost touch them.The lovely walk down to the water hole is a must to work up an appetite for the feast that awaits you. Well done Mari & Chantel, we will see you again in September. Visited May 2014
  • Melinda M

    I have always wanted to go to the restaurant and for our wedding anniversary, my husband booked us into the hotel and we had a very special supper the evening. Chef Chantel Darnell is an amazing, soft spoken person, and her calmness carries over to her food. The most spectacular creations, that tingles all the senses! Even breakfast oats will never be the same again. Highly, highly recommended! Visited May 2014
  • Sandra H

    I have been fortunate to have experienced tasting menus at some excellent restaurants in South Africa but this tops them all. Why? The food is sublime, the service outstanding and the setting breath taking. I could wax lyrically about the degustation menu but the adjectives would be inadequate. Suffice to say, put this on your bucket list and do it soon - then you can put it back on your bucket list to repeat the experience. Go the whole hog, include the wine pairing and, if you can, stay over! I rate Mosaic as excellent value for money because you can not put a price on the artistry and love that comes out on your plate. Visited August 2014
  • Thandolwethu S

    Beautiful premises, lovely staff and the most amazing meals and wine I've ever had. I want to live there! Will definitely go back.
  • drabri

    What an experience! From the booking of our table to the end of the evening, everything was in a different class. The professionalism of the staff is special. The sommelier has so much wine knowledge that goes from knowing which vintages are the best to personal knowledge of the wine makers. His knowledge of the wine together with the chefs class to pair the wines with the food is amazing. Both the South African wines as well as the international wine pairing with the food was absolutely perfect. One other VERY special aspect was that Chantal asked about individual preferences, allergies and dislikes and when we arrived, she knew exactly what these were and the food was already planned to accommodate these. The chef, Chantal is in a different class! She is a true artist and her love for what she does is clearly visible in the food. This must be one of the best restaurants in South Africa if not the best. The food is presented in a way that you think you are eating an art piece. The textures and taste was fantastic. If we had Michelin stars in South Africa, she would definitely have more that one star! We will definitely be back to experience this again.
  • Simon S

    Have eaten here several times and have always been impressed. one of the top restaurants in South Africa. Chantell is a highly commendable chef and if we had Michelin starts in this country there definately be one or two awarded here. Visited August 2013
  • Sublyme1978

    I took my dad to Mosaic for fathers day and we had the most incredible meal. Service was exemplary and for a Sunday lunch it's a delight of a place as you get to see the craziness that is The Orient. We had the set menu and it was a beautiful balance of food that satisfied without overfilling you. The attention to detail and care from the chef and her team was splendid. My only comment would be some of the elements on the dishes were cold which may be a timing issue in the kitchen. Not a huge thing but does sometimes affect the flavour of the dish. I will definitely return again - an absolute delight!
  • Gundamenzo

    Although we have heard a lot of good things about the restaurant, we have only visited this March as it was a a bit further from Johannesburg. Not only did we have one of our best meals in and around Johannesburg in a long time, the unique venue, the great service and the way everything comes together just make the restaurant really remarkable. It leaves you with no doubt with regards to the amount of efforts and care that was put in to ensure that you will have a wonderful experience. Coincidently, my wife and I made a trip to Southern France and Paris during the month after we visited Mosaic, and I can definitely agree with an earlier comment that Mosaic will trump any Michelin 2 Stars, if we had the Michelin guide in SA, I believe that it will definitely be our 3 star in Gauteng. Just one wish which may not be entirely reasonable, I hope that there may be a few days in the year where the restaurant can make it an open day so that I can also bring my little ones, who are almost 10, to share in this wonderful experience (and selfishly, it will provide us with more reason and opportunities to go there more frequently) At the moment, I cannot wait for the chance to take the drive again to Mosaic in the not too distant future. Visited March 2014
  • TheFayWay

    Restaurant Mosaic is situated on the premises of the Orient Hotel, a truly luxurious Middle Eastern gem situated in the bushveld at the base of the Magaliesberg Mountains. Just entering the grounds of the hotel was an experience all of its own which heightened our excitement for the meal to follow. We were greeted by our wait staff and shown straight to our table, a delightful little booth in an interestingly eclectic intimate restaurant, and offered some water. Award winning chef, Chantel Dartnall, came to our table and ran through the menu with us, explaining each course. Her enthusiasm for seasonal ingredients and her passion for food were tangible. A bread cart was brought to the tableside and we could select of the variety of fresh baked breads on offer. We tried some sourdough bread, basil bun and fruit loaf. All of which were delicious but the fruit loaf was phenomenal and we could happily have snacked on that for the afternoon. The meal that followed was an unbelievable, once in a lifetime experience. I unfortunately am not sure that my food expertise did the dishes justice; my enjoyment of them however could not have been any greater. We decided on the wine pairing option and elected to try local wines rather than international, we are proudly South African, after all. The Sommelier, Germain Lehodey, served us a delicious sparkling wine to enhance the flavours of our bread. We started with a tiny slice of Brioche served with Rosemary and Lavender Butter. The brioche was silky soft with a crunchy little crust and the herbed butter complemented the sweetness perfectly. Amuse Bouche 1: Radish ribbon with salmon roe and grape pearls, and goat’s cheese ball rolled in dill. The tart crispiness of the radish contrasted deliciously with saltiness of the salmon roe as they burst in my mouth and the goat’s cheese brought a wonderful creamy texture to balance the dish. Amuse Bouche 2: Avocado roulade filled with cream cheese and shitake mushroom. There was a delicious balance of creaminess from the avocado and cream cheese which was tempered with the dried shitake mushroom. Amuse Bouche 3: Beetroot terrine, gel, jelly and pannacotta with horseradish sorbet and cream. This was a little bit of heaven on a plate for me. I adore beetroot and was thrilled to experience all the different textures of this vegetable. The horseradish perfectly accompanied the earthiness of the beetroot. The interesting serving plate could even be utilized as a Zen garden, as the glass plate lifted off the sand filled wooden base. Needing to take a little break from all the deliciousness we took a breather out in the plant filled courtyard where the fishpond provided soothing burbling water in the background creating a wonderfully tranquil setting. Amuse Bouche 4: Snail Trail - ‘L’Escargot Bourgogne, filled with Mushroom Duxelles and Cauliflower Cappuccino. (Snails in butter, filled with Shitake mushrooms; Shimashi mushroom, radish, fresh asparagus, dried asparagus, fresh cauliflower, dried cauliflower). Not being a snail eater, I tasted this dish with trepidation. Wow, the snails were delicious and just melted in my mouth, while the mushrooms added just the right amount of flavour without overwhelming them. The cauliflower cappuccino was creamy, flavourful and a divine little mouthful. Hors-d’oeuvre: Frog in a pond - Tempura of frogs legs with a fragrant Morel Mushroom Jelly and Consommé. A first for me, never having had frog’s legs before, I was curious about this course. They were wonderful! The mushroom jelly and consommé however did not appeal to me and I did not enjoy the taste or texture of this accompanying dish. Le Entrée: Land and Sea - Pan Seared Scallop and Baby Langoustine Tail with Garden Pea Ragout. What a tasty combination this dish was. The scallop was seared to perfection and the langoustine was pure magic. The pairing of the seafood with peas was genius. We were served a palate cleanser of Lemon & Bergamot Sorbet. Unfortunately we did not enjoy the flavour of this at all, thinking it tasted like a hand sanitizer. Luckily we were served our main course and needless to say with our palates cleansed we were able to taste each component perfectly. Les Plats Principaux: Prints in the Paddock - Veal, sweet meats, beef cheeks in gravy and seasonal vegetables. The playfulness the plating added to the charm of this dish. The veal was tender and the beef cheeks a taste to remember, truly divine. Les Plats Principaux: Pebbles on the Beach - Kabeljou with a Clam Velouté. The kabeljou was firm and moist but the clam velouté was insipid and did not add anything to the dish. The accompanying vegetables were bland. The kabeljou was definitely the star of this course. Le Fromage – The Cheese Platter. As with every course, the waiter explained everything on the plate, however, by this time I was in sensory overload and was so totally overwhelmed by all the new tastes that I did not record what each cheese we were served was. Even so I was able to enjoy every bite, with each component adding to the next. I do remember that there was fruit bread, walnut, sunflower seeds, quince jelly, apple sauce and apple slices served with the variety of cheeses. The Fruit Platter which followed comprised of apricot, strawberry, grape, blue berries and a cream cheese mousse; once again pure perfection in every bite. Desserts were served: Pollination - Homemade Honeycomb Ice Cream and Orange Blossom scented Sponge Cake with fresh Bee Pollen. This was as decadent as it sounds. The sponge was moist, the ice cream creamy and the orange blossom sweet and tangy. A Walk Through our Sweet Garden - Textures and tastes of Violets and Spice. This little dessert of chocolate tart, violet ice cream, chocolate twirl, mascarpone pannacotta and crumble was a taste sensation. I relished every little bite. A Scent of Jasmine was served in a little shot glass and then our meal was rounded off with Coffee and Petit Fours, which turned out to be banana suckers, truffles, pear & green tea jelly and milk tartlets. The plating throughout was spectacular and added to the enjoyment of the meal. It was like receiving a beautiful painting to feast the eyes before feeding the mouth. The serving staff was beyond attentive without being intrusive making us feel special and well taken care off. The cost of this expedition will undoubtedly place it well out of the average diner’s budget, however, if you enjoy food and want to have a once in a life time experience, Restaurant Mosaic is the place to go. The entire meal was a genuinely delightful sensory explosion and one which I will always remember.
  • Alan S

    Hosted a dinner for 20 guests at this exclusive restaurant and was blown away. The whole experience was world class. It started from the moment one arrived. Being early I spent time in the Tienie Pritchard Museum which showcases his extensive work. A hidden gem, tastefully done and very informative. Germain the sommelier gave us a tour of the extensive cellar, I dare anyone not to find a wine or champagne to their liking. His knowledge and passion is infectious. There are not enough superlatives to describe the food prepared by Chantel. Everybody was raving about the entire multi-course meal. I had a gastronomic experience compatible to anything I have tasted anywhere in the world. The meal was accompanied by wines especially selected for the occasion by winemaker of the year winner Christiaan Groenewald from Arenskloof. This marriage of food and wine was the cherry on the top and we were able to marvel at how Christiaan produces such a wide variety of wines on the same farm. Although outside the city limits of Pretoria, the drive is not bad, I stuck to the highways and toll roads. In hindsight I should have booked to stay overnight to round off a wonderful experience. This is a venue for a special occasion where the enjoyment will linger for a long time.
  • Kobus C

    One can write pages singing the virtue of this establishment. But nothing will prepare you for what you about experience. As an experience frequenter of the finest dining establishments in Europe. This is the restaurant that blew me away. A definite 2 Michelin star contender and nor far away from that prestigious 3rd star. Stop pining. Just go there and see for yourself.
  • Peter John C

    We recently went back to the Orient to celebrate a birthday with a large group of friends who are really knowlegeable about ffod and wine. We had one of the food and wine pairing menus and were blown away once again by the tatste and presentation of the food. We were quite a rowdy bunch and had a seperate private dining area where the service was once again of a high standard and the sommelier really went out of his way to give us a unusual wine pairing experience. We even managed to go to the impressive wine cellars. The food is always prepared with seasonal produce so you never really have the same thing twice but the tastes and combinations prepared by Chantel are always mouth watering. Chantel derves more recognition than she gets. We will be going back and will also be staying overnight. There also appears to be a private cinema on the premises which is not listed on their website which could make an intersting food and movie night? Visited June 2014
  • wizard2014

    We recently went to the Orient to celebrate a birthday. Food was fantastic, great service and friendly management. Visited May 2014
  • Clive V

    This restaurant concentrates food tasting and wine pairing menu's. Their cuisine is usually a 5 or 7 course meal with almost perfect wine pairings. Whilst really good they could add a bit more food to each dish, besides that wonderful food. Visited June 2013
  • Beaulieu M

    Great news fans! We are a 2014 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Winner! This prestigious award recognises businesses that consistently earn top ratings from TripAdvisor travellers and we are one of them. Thank you to my kitchen team, staff of Restaurant Mosaic and most of all to our guests for your wonderful reviews! We hope you will drop by soon for our Autumn "Secret Scents" menu!
  • “One of a kind”

    The dégustation menu proposed is a very nice journey into tasteful delicacies, with a lot of gastronomic fantasy. We took the SA selection of wines, very good. It would be interesting to alternate european and SA wines in a menu, just a guess. But it is not all about food. My wife and I were impressed by courtesy and professionalism of the service. The ambiance is really great, will certainly come back for the new seasonal menu.
  • “Wow wow wow!”

    We went to Restaurant Mosaic in December for our anniversary. What an extraordinary experience! Superb food, superb service, excellent wines. I especially loved the fact that the chef came to each table to explain the menu - which consisted of many intricate and unusual dishes. I can HIGHLY recommend this restaurant for a special occasion, it truly was one of my best dining experiences ever!
  • “Undoubtedly No 1 in Pretoria (if not Gauteng)”

    At the risk of sounding lyrical I cannot but sing the highest praise possible of the Mosaic. The delightfully appointed restaurant, styled in true Parisian art nouveau fashion, is the first hint of a memorable experience that awaits the patron to this gastronomic temple. Mari’s sincere welcome is soon followed by Germain offering an aperitif and from there the evening is a continuous waltz in fragrances, flavours and tastes to satisfy the most discerning palate. Chantel takes the trouble to explain the extravagant menu, detailing the wide range of ingredients employed in the creation of her dishes, while Germain conjures the most astounding wine pairings from the expansive wine cellar. Mari is the perfect hostess, providing attentive service while avoiding being intrusive. All staff members are well-trained and attuned to the high professional standards maintained throughout the evening. This is an expensive restaurant but considering the quality and array of dishes and wines, the attentive service and the beautiful venue I believe it offers extremely good value that puts most other eateries in Pretoria to shame. Visited April 2014
  • “Amazing”

    One of the best food experiences. The Chef is the best and Ambience 100%. Well deserved visit. Will definately revisit and like so stay in the Orient. Visited October 2013
  • “Return visit – same high quality”

    After our first visit in January we returned for another fantastic stay. The wine pairing with the outstanding cuisine was amazing. The friendly warm efficient service was as superb as our first visit and the breakfast next morning was also of the highest standard. Mari and Chantel run a remarkable hotel & restaurant that has to be seen to be believed. Added to this incredible country venue is the game wondering around the grounds that are so friendly one can almost touch them.The lovely walk down to the water hole is a must to work up an appetite for the feast that awaits you. Well done Mari & Chantel, we will see you again in September. Visited May 2014
  • NicnGwenn

    One of the best food experiences. The Chef is the best and Ambience 100%. Well deserved visit. Will definately revisit and like so stay in the Orient.
  • JohSch59

    At the risk of sounding lyrical I cannot but sing the highest praise possible of the Mosaic. The delightfully appointed restaurant, styled in true Parisian art nouveau fashion, is the first hint of a memorable experience that awaits the patron to this gastronomic temple. Mari’s sincere welcome is soon followed by Germain offering an aperitif and from there the evening is a continuous waltz in fragrances, flavours and tastes to satisfy the most discerning palate. Chantel takes the trouble to explain the extravagant menu, detailing the wide range of ingredients employed in the creation of her dishes, while Germain conjures the most astounding wine pairings from the expansive wine cellar. Mari is the perfect hostess, providing attentive service while avoiding being intrusive. All staff members are well-trained and attuned to the high professional standards maintained throughout the evening. This is an expensive restaurant but considering the quality and array of dishes and wines, the attentive service and the beautiful venue I believe it offers extremely good value that puts most other eateries in Pretoria to shame. Visited April 2014
  • Saar01

    We went to Restaurant Mosaic in December for our anniversary. What an extraordinary experience! Superb food, superb service, excellent wines. I especially loved the fact that the chef came to each table to explain the menu - which consisted of many intricate and unusual dishes. I can HIGHLY recommend this restaurant for a special occasion, it truly was one of my best dining experiences ever!
  • Varrialik

    The dégustation menu proposed is a very nice journey into tasteful delicacies, with a lot of gastronomic fantasy. We took the SA selection of wines, very good. It would be interesting to alternate european and SA wines in a menu, just a guess. But it is not all about food. My wife and I were impressed by courtesy and professionalism of the service. The ambiance is really great, will certainly come back for the new seasonal menu.
  • Aletta M

    I was blown away by the detail, attention to wine paring and absolutely fantastic food!!!!! I can not wait for my next visit! My favourite was the pumpkin dessert plate. Absolute perfection! Visited October 2013
  • BarbaraP101

    Truly, this is one of the best meals I've ever had. The food was beyond fabulous - the chef Chantel comes out and explains the menu. The service is extremely good - special "bread server", etc. Presentation of food on plates was truly a work of art. I've never seen such detailed arrangement of edible flowers and game "footprints". Additionally, special courses/adjustments were made for my gluten free/dairy free diet - all elaborate and sumptuous. Add to this an unbelievably beautiful setting with unbelievable works of art (famous artists!) and you are guaranteed one magical experience. There is also a boutique hotel - we would love to return and stay here for a special celebration. Out of this world! One of the best memories of our incredible trip to South Africa. Visited March 2014
  • BarbaraP101

    Truly, this is one of the best meals I've ever had. The food was beyond fabulous - the chef Chantel comes out and explains the menu. The service is extremely good - special "bread server", etc. Presentation of food on plates was truly a work of art. I've never seen such detailed arrangement of edible flowers and game "footprints". Additionally, special courses/adjustments were made for my gluten free/dairy free diet - all elaborate and sumptuous. Add to this an unbelievably beautiful setting with unbelievable works of art (famous artists!) and you are guaranteed one magical experience. There is also a boutique hotel - we would love to return and stay here for a special celebration. Out of this world! One of the best memories of our incredible trip to South Africa. Visited March 2014
  • AB Viljoen

    Hi Chantel Wat n belewenis gister!! Wow My beste total eet-ondervinding ooit.
  • Melanie Steyn

    Beste Mari, Chantel en almal van die Orient Dit is soos n droom by julle te kuier elke keer!! Baie dankie vir n onvergeetlike Kersfees ete. Ons waardeer julle moeite, sorg en detail in elke oomblik. Ons wens julle ook n fantastiese jaar toe! Beste wense en liefdegroete Melanie en Familie
  • Kate Turkington

    Dear Mari and Chantel, thank you so much for a really wonderful 24 hours! I have stayed at many of the world's leading hotels, and would firmly put The Orient very high on the list. You do everything just perfectly - from the welcome at the gate, to the goodbye…and everything in between. My teddy is already named 'Kash" after the Kashmir room where I found him, and is now sitting on my bed. Thank Cobus please, for his incredibly generous gift of the French bubbly - I will save it for an extra special occasion. Lots of love and have a lovely festive season followed by a well-deserved rest. Kate x
  • Richard Sykes

    Dear Mari Our experience at the Orient was as always exceptional.Every detail was perfect and we did enjoy a much needed rest in the 'sanctuary' Chantel's cuisine was very creative and inspirational(I did not think it was possible for her cuisine to get any better than it already was!) We savoured every moment at this very special place and experience and cannot wait to return again soon Wishing you and your loved ones a very Joyous and Peaceful Festive Season Richard and Nichola
  • Miriam Jacob

    Hi Ladies Thank you for an exquisite experience Your attention to detail, service and food were impeccable and we all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the surrounds Keep up the good work Warm regards
  • Reenwoud

    Chantell Dartnell is one of best chefs in SA in my opinion. Even traveling extensively abroad I still have to find another chef with her attention to detail and her originality( in plating and taste) . We attented a champagne tasting here last night( hosted by their French sommelier) and the feast served to us afterwards was absolutely extraordinary. She is a culinary genius! Visited December 2013
  • Willie & Tania

    Liewe Chantel, Mari en Cobus, Ons wil net weer vir julle baie, baie dankie sê vir die fantastiese ervaring wat ons by julle kon hê! Die pragtige detail en wonderlike atmosfeer van julle hotel, tuine, teater en museum was ‘n ware belewenis, die waarlik absoluut briljante kunswerke van kleure en “wow” geure wat aan ons voorgesit is as etes, en julle “as ek eendag groot is, wil ek ook so ‘n kelder hê” wyn versameling – alles ongelooflik inspirerend! Ek hou vol dat as Michelin in SA sterre sou toeken, Mosaic sekerlik 3 sterre lag-lag sou inpalm! Die inspirerendste van als was egter die passie waarmee julle dit alles doen – dit sit ‘n huppel in ons stap!! Dankie vir julle warm gasvryheid en vriendskap, en kontak ons asseblief as enige een of almal van julle Kaap toe kom en sommer net die Bolandse plaaslewe wil geniet of bietjie oorbly. Ons deure staan altyd wa-wyd oop vir julle! Warm groete, Willie & Tania
  • carlyPretoria

    From the moment you arive at this Restaurant... a great experience...the reception,decor and food -outstanding.Chef Chantal is the best!!!Great wines....and the presentation of the food......superb!!!!!!Been to this Restaurant at least 2-3 times a year for the past 10 years and the secret to their sucsess......consistency.....My hat of to The Mosaic!!!!!! Visited August 2013
  • the_bill_please

    A heavyweight food and wine experience was made most pleasant and memorable through warm, attentive service from the entire Mosaic family. Monsieur sommelier conducted the event masterfully; a maestro at work with expertly chosen, chilled bottle in hand. Exquisite attention to detail in the food portrayed a riveting, botanically led, sensory adventure.Crisp tempura quail, beetroot with horseradish, sweetbreads with truffle and a picture perfect slow cooked pork belly were all highlights, in addition to the wines paired with each; lifting the dishes through complimentary balance and character. Cheese and desserts in the courtyard fulfilled an experience that one longs to discover for the first time, over and over again. Gracious thanks to our hosts, your work is the fulfillment of dreams for your patrons. Visited November 2013
  • EONJoburg

    Our 2nd trip to The Orient was even better than the first. You will not find a better fine dinning experience in SA. Chantel has a true gift in preparing food and Kobus's fine tough and attention to detail , when it comes to wine pairing is unrivaled. We will be back - I recommend that you spoil your self. Visited November 2013
  • kousies

    And certainly one of the best in South Africa. You'd have to go to 500 to rival it. There's nothing I can say about The Mosaic that hasn't been said already. The food is absolutely astronomically good. This is dining at its absolute best. Visited October 2013
  • Jo2345

    Wow, we were overwhelmed by the food and service here. We are from UK and decided to spend our last night in South Africa at Mosaic after a month trip to treat ourselves to a special meal. Chantelle delivered that and so much more. Every course was amazing. We couldn't pick a favorite. As we stayed overnight, we were also treated to an amazing breakfast and lunch. If only we lived closer! Next time we are in SA, we will make sure we come back, even if it means delaying our flight home for an extra day. Thanks again to Chantelle and your team, if you decide to set up a restaurant in UK, we'll be there on opening night. Visited August 2013
  • Pete

    The food was out of this world.
  • Hester S

    On secretaries day I was spoiled by my boss with a high tea at Restaurant Mosaic – what an exquisite experience, the most beautiful surroundings and the food picture and taste bud perfect!. Visited September 2013
  • Petronella W

    I was fortunate enough to attend the Vergelegen Gourmet Evening at Restaurant Mosaic, and it ended up being one of the most cherished evenings of my life. It was a extraordinary journey of texture, taste and wine! Chantel’s attention to detail in her botanical creations left me in awe as each dish impressed me more than the previous one. The wine pairing was perfect. The service was superb and in the newly decorated dining room it justly felt like I was on another continent. I would most definitely be back for more! Petronella W Visited August 2013
  • Teresa C

    Chantel Dartnel is certainly one of the most innovative young Chef's in the country. Her food is imaginative and well presented. She takes enormous pride in her presentation and the food and wine pairing menu can stand up to anything anywhere. The quirky Moracan architecture and eclectic art collection make this a very interesting venue for a leisurely week-end lunch or dinner visit. There is also accommodation which makes good sense if you intend indulging in the extensive wine on offer from their brimming cellar. Visited September 2013
  • Caryn F

    Restaurants are our thing honestly. Restaurant Mosiac at the Orient is the best restaurant and overall weekend away experience that we have ever had. We have done a few Michelin's - none comparable. Chantal and team show so much finesse it it is startling. From the incredibly delicately presented food (my first visit we were blown away by the mm cut carrots in the shape of card suites in the consommé for decoration, more recently the forest scene WOW) to the wonderful attention to detail in each room where the theme is carries through from the books to the bath tub. Most thrilling of all was seeing the chef in the garden on Saturday afternoon loving her herbs - the passion in her cooking is just so evident. Mosaics and the Orient is an investment - but this makes it all the more precious - we have yet to make a movie night - but I look forward to that experience as well I am sure that it will be as with all others sublime. Thank you Mosaic for giving us some very memorable weekends! Visited March 2013
  • Tasha2000

    Been to the Restaurant Mosaic a few times and have loved every minute of it. Relatively good selection of course for dinner with meticulous attention to detail. Offers good wine pairing. Breakfasts also very good with different options available. We had the oats with an orange syrup the one morning, and it was the best oats I have ever tasted. Staying at The Orient Hotel is a wonderful experience. Visited February 2013
  • Cheryl Defranceski

    Dear Chantall. My husband and I had a fabulous Sunday lunch several weeks ago. Your attention to detail is impeccable. What amazing plating & incredible flavours. The location is gorgeous, with a museum filled with stunning bronze works of art, simply to die for. Will we be back. I have no doubt we will. Thanks to you all for making our experience one to remember. Best Regards & hope your travels to France were safe and the best ever.
  • FreelanceM

    Even when you go ahead and type the name Restaurant Mosaic at the Orient in your search already know...this is top class. deciding to visit this restaurant, will be your best decision you've ever made regarding fine dining and top class experience at a restaurant. when you arrive at this stunning and most astonishing place you can ever dream are even more overwhelmed by the friendly people and hospitality of the host, Mari Dartnall, who is also the owner of the orient hotel. when you sit down at the are sitting down as not just guests, but as kings or queen. will feel that way. you are served with great professionalism from the start.then the chef, Chantel Dartnall, comes to your table. you are first blown away with the presence of this beautiful and well presented person. it feels like you are looking and listening to an angel. she explains everything that she will be preparing and giving you the choice if you want something different or in a way more suitable for you...which, i can assure you, will never be necessary! you will enjoy every single moment and every single bite of food, which you will know, has been prepared with the utmost class and pride and love for food, by this amazing chef....wait!!...let the review rather pause here...i would recommend you go there as soon as you can and you will just realise that you will actually continue this review yourself! go for it...this is a 'heavenly' experience!!!
  • Ryan M

    Every so often life offers up a truly memorable and utterly delightful experience and this was one of them. This quaint establishment is hidden away in the lush countryside of Pretoria. Upon entering the hotel (Orient), you are immediately transported back to a bygone era as the buildings and design intend. We arrived expecting a well executed dinner as the other reviews have suggested, what we experienced was so much more. The stellar service and ambience was surpassed only by the thought provoking and rather intriguing menu. Every detail of this tiny, yet inviting space was as is if it was hand picked. The décor, the music, even the coat hangers all fitted together in a cohesive way to magnify the experience. Now onto the food, the reason we went--- I had the petite degustation menu with the wine pairing and my wife had the same yet, she is not the carnivore as myself and refrained from any red meat courses. The sommelier was well versed and presented some well balanced wines. The best being the Chenin Blanc. The least favorite being the red which was paired with the fillet steak main ( I think a Merlot would have been a better bet, possible a Glen Carlou ). The amuse bouche was interesting and set the tone for the rest of the dinner. Each course built on the success of the previous, with no two courses competing for preference. My favorite was the ceviche of scallop, a truly light and well balanced dish. My wife's favorite being the line fish main, a delicate yet simple dish that let the fish shine through. Each course was fashioned around taste and not flamboyance. Don't get me wrong there was enough going on from home made beetroot jellies to pungent lemon puree and light dustings of spice to surprise even the most experienced of palates. The plating was another highlight, each course with a character and theme of it's own with precise and deliberate placement of components that challenged you to create your own taste experiences. I have been lucky enough to eat at some of South Africa's top rated restaurants; Rust en Vrede, Rubens, DW Eleven13, Overture, Terroir, 9th Avenue Bistro, Haut Cabriere and Harvey's--- each has their own personalities and charm, yet for me there is now one true favorite that surpasses the rest Chef Chantel's Mosaic, is truly a once in a life time experience. Bravo Visited June 2013
  • Maryke Etsebeth

    Dear Chantall and Mosaic team Thank you for a wonderful evening! We dined at The Mosaic for the first time yesterday, and enjoyed an exceptional meal! One can taste the love, passion, and art that goes into every dish. As with Hanri, I extend my compliments to the chef in this feedback. We look forward to the next time!
    • Chantel

      Dear Maryke Thank you for taking the time to write this beautiful message. My team and I are so happy that you enjoyed your visit and look forward to welcome you back soon. Warmest Mosaic Regards Chef Chantel
  • Reenwoud

    Chef Chantel Dartnell is without doubt one of South Africa's best chef's. She experiments with taste's and textures and her food is beautifully presented. I have eaten here many times and in my opinion she ranks as one of our top 3 chefs at the moment. Her food is a craft and if you are ever around for breakfast- brace yourself for brilliance. Visited April 2013
  • Harri Viljoen

    My first time at the Mosaic and we had such a wonderful and exceptional time that i completely forgot to extend my compliments to the chef! It was truly an amazing culinary experience.I love Chantal's vision of simplicity and giving emphasis to the essence of the ingredients of each dish with meticilous attention to detail and tangible passion. The braised fennel with goat cheese risotto was outstanding as well as the dark chocalate and pear forte, and although i am a bit avo biased i just have to mention that the avocodao mouse was mouthwatering. It was both humbling and heartskipping to dine in such a beautiful space and i would like to extend my sincere and heartfelt gratitude to the whole team at the Mosaic for what was a truly memorable and very special evening. The Orient is a place of tremendous beauty and harmony.
    • Chantel

      Dear Harri Thank you for your beautiful message and all the wonderful compliments. I am very happy that you enjoyed your visit to Mosaic and will share your message with my staff. We look forward to welcome you back. Warmest Mosaic Regards Chef Chantel
  • Annakotze

    Head chef at the award-winning Restaurant Mosaic, Chantel likes nothing better than presenting the art of nature on diners’ plates and she and her team thrive on refining and showcasing botanical cuisine in their dishes. Visited November 2012
  • Thandie Mvuma

    Amazing restaurant, impeccable service, and excellent food. Worth every cent. This place is just perfect. The Museum is so beautiful, the perfectly manicured lawns... I felt like a princess. especially since my boyfriend decided to propose to me here. We will certainly be back. I have been to quite a few fine restaurants world wide, and I must say, this is top notch. *all smiles*
  • Valerie Skillen

    What an experience , the cuisine was amazing. My husband and I wanted to go to a special place for our anniversary ....we couldn't have done any better. Chantel's wonderful presentation of her food, always with a little flower added always looked too good to eat! We just can't wait to come back. Thankyou
  • Shawn Boshof

    Thank you for a wonderful evening on Wednesday September 19. We have fallen in love with Mosaic and will be back. The food was wonderful.
  • Kevin

    We were at Mosaic for the 2nd time on Saturday, and without a doubt the best meal I have ever eaten (except of course for the first time we ate there)! I am consistently blown away by the flavour, attention to detail, service and class of your restaurant, and tell everyone I meet about it and you. Can't wait to come again.
  • Oriana

    What a superb experience! My Sunday was transformed into a culinary masterpiece. Thank you for a wonderful birthday experience!
  • Margerete

    We had a fantastic evening! thank you to the Mosaic team for making our evening so special.

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