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Hennie Niemann

In our rushed existence, we are easily removed from our roots and yearn for simplicity, serenity and those things that sooth our senses. Our daily lives have evolved into express living and we are the last generation to still recall images of our grandmothers kneading dough for freshly baked bread. It is from these scenes that Hennie derives his inspiration and portrays the simple and honest lifestyle of the people of the Overberg which he captures on his canvas in true South African Expressionistic style. He observes people′s fluent movements when conducting an everyday working activity, with the eye of a master and incorporates this into his work. He is internationally known for his farm labourers harvesting wheat, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, pumpkins, ″waterblommetjies″ etc. as well as for his fishermen, fynbos pickers and kelp collectors, reminding us of an almost forgotten era. In this painting, Hennie depicts a fisherman with his catch of the day – our first painting in a series commissioned for our next four seasonal menus.