Meet Lynne-Marie Eatwell

May 28, 2014

This year, for Women’s Day we have invited Lynne-Marie Eatwell for an exhibition of her art, which is close to her heart. Spend the day with this great South African female artist as she delves deep ...


Dries Pohl

May 14, 2012

Chantel′s search for the unique and the unusual does not end with her ingredients and recipes – there are no boundaries when she starts designing a new dish with her next menu in mind. Fortunately ...


Retief Van Wyk

Chantel is a restless spirit and is always on the lookout for the weird and wonderful. She rarely can resist a beautiful plate or piece of porcelain and works closely with various artists in different ...


Aleta Michaletos

Aleta Michaletos is a well-known and respected figure on the South African Art Scene. She is an extraordinary artist, who creates works of art that exuberate energy and a general feeling of serenity, ...


Daleen Roodt

Daleen Roodt, a young Pretoria based artist, is currently busy with a two-year commission for The Orient Boutique Hotel. The objective is to capture with her brush anything beautiful and fascinating ...


Lisa Liebermann

Lisa Liebermann, third generation ceramic artist, originally from the Liebermann Pottery in Johannesburg, established in 1952 and following the Bernard Leach Shoji Hamada tradition with an extensi ...


Hennie Niemann

In our rushed existence, we are easily removed from our roots and yearn for simplicity, serenity and those things that sooth our senses. Our daily lives have evolved into express living and we are the ...