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“Wine with altitude …”

Feb 28, 2017

For many years there have been discussions whether altitude has a significant influence on the quality of wine. What is a fact is that the higher you go, the lower the temperature, which means a lower ...



Sep 08, 2016

The Michelangelo International Wine & Spirit Awards gives local and foreign wines the opportunity to be judged by a panel of acclaimed wine experts from around the globe. All the judges are hand-p ...


Bizoe Henriëtta 2015 – ‘Less is more’

Sep 07, 2016

The Mosaic-team took a short break last week to recharge and prepare for the upcoming launch of Chantel’s Summer Celebrations Menu, commemorating Restaurant Mosaic’s 10th birthday this year.  As ...


Creating the “Perfect Pairing” @ Mosaic

Aug 25, 2016

At Restaurant Mosaic we are known for our meticulous approach to food and wine pairing. Our Sommelier Team and Chef Chantel Dartnall work together closely with the rest of the Mosaic-team in deconstru ...


The greatest year of my life!

Aug 16, 2016

I was recently in the position where I was given the opportunity to visit France with the rest of the Mosaic team.  We arrived at Charles de Gaulle Airport in France in the early hours of the morning ...